A public Toilet better than 5 star hotels in New York.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ”Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/ and can be contacted at “pakistan.bth@gmail.com

Civilisation touches its peaks when governments treat public as royals. This makes America greatest country in the world.

Civilisation touches its bottom when ruling elite is safe, while public die on the roads due bomb blast, hunger, unsafe water & poverty. This makes Pakistan one of the worst countries in the world.

Read full story how public becomes royals in New York.

Reference Article: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/05/nyregion/bryant-park-restroom-renovation.html

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