Publishers Mafia


By Abid Beli

Mafias of every kind arise in societies with no regulation, law n order & values. Just another Mafia in Pakistan.

All of us know about bhatta mafia, tanker mafia and land mafia, today i’m bringing into your notice a new mafia which hasn’t been noticed by our public or government, which is the ‘Publisher Mafia”.

Just today i got to know that the entire book course for grade 9, is worth Rs.20,000 and following that the course of grade 5 is worth Rs.12,000. Every year these publishers conduct meetings that result in deals with the different schools of #Pakistan  and raise the prices of these courses.

“Paramount”, “oxford”, “Publisher marketing association”, and “Danesh”, these are the four publishers that control the entire #CambridgeSystem  course in Pakistan.