From Quran: The sequence of priority to grant donation to the needy


By Dr Humayun

I promised to come back with my understanding of the Aya no 177; InshaAllah in near future will try to come back with the reasons of the Ayas between 3-177

First part of the Aya is verbal announcements, is self explanatory so I will move on to next important parts which according to my understanding have,  social, economical and political implications
Second part: The money which I have earned with my best effort and hard work to spend in the sequence which Allah(SBT) has asked me to give , there are few questions , here are those questions and my understanding
First why Allah(SBT)is starting with people who have money , my understanding is that the rich people are responsible to bring a change, either bad or good, if the rich people are non believers or otherwise the money circulation will be only in few hands and Allah (SBT) doesn’t like this Second we have seen this does cause hatred and misunderstandings between families ,societies, countries etc.

Why to give to my relatives? My view and understanding
A; I have a brother who is poor but is very rude, ignorant and maybe non believer, and he hates me , Allah will not guide me , until I give the money to help him, as he does need it , if I give to people second on list , Allah (SBT), will get annoyed, if I help the people down the list
This is going to have a lot of positive effects.

1. It will help me to become better believer, and control my anger, as I am doing against my ego
2. My brother will think that in spite of the fact that he was nasty to me, I am helping him; this will     bring us more closer and decrease hatred.
3. May be a time may come that he will be in position to give and will spend to please Allah (SBT) the money will circulate and increase harmony in society
4. People who will see this attitude and actions will be more attractive to the good and will become good believer.
Next in the list is orphan, poor, the wayfarer, the people who ask and set free a slave
If I look at sequence of the list, Allah (SBT) wants to protect the most vulnerable in the society
Also the no. six is the people who ask , so it’s way down the list to discourage begging and will explain later that the believer will never do begging
The principle of spending the money as the believer is written in Surah al Insan 76 Aya no 9
إنما نطعمكم لوجه الله لا نريد منكم جزاء ولاشكورا
That they feed for Allah (SBT) and don’t expect any reward or thanks from them.
This is very tough principle as it is against the human instinct, because I will get upset if I help someone and he doesn’t say even thanks, forget about reward
But I do it for Allah (SBT) I am not allowed to think about even thanks
I think I will finish this part and come back later with the other parts understanding InshaAllah
Very welcome for any suggestions additions, criticism I am student and love it thanks