Reality Checks


Experts suggest that the first instances of State Sponsored terrorism reported in Asia, to destabilize other nations harmony originated from India. The intimate involvement of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) in dirty deeds includes drugs trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, coup d’état in foreign nations, subversive activities, assassinations, nuclear proliferation, and downright recruiting, funding and training of terrorists in different countries. The documented evidence of India’s illegal measures were presented by RabinderNath, a double agent of CIA when he ultimately defected from RAW. This continued fetishism of India with terrorism, hidden beneath the banner of political talks has fostered dangerous notions in the terrorist elements of Asian region. Candid revelations of the intelligence community worldwide acknowledge that proxies like Baloch Liberation Army, SindhuDesh Liberation Army, Tehreek e Taliban et cetera are funded and trained by Indian army. A killer AjmalPahari belonging to the terrorist wing of a political party MQM, caught by the police confessed about being trained by Delhi. Not only of her arch rival Pakistan, integrity of countries like Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal have also been violated systematically by India to no avail.

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