Resurrection of Ertugrul Turkish TV Series was my “Breaking Idea” in 2017, being first write up on Ertugrul Series outside Turkey. Read how, when & why? By Ahmad Jawad


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Resurrection of Ertugrul Turkish TV Series was my “Breaking Idea” in 2017, being first write up on Ertugrul Series outside Turkey. Read how, when & why?

By Ahmad Jawad

In 2017, when I started watching “Resurrection of Ertugrul” on Netflix and You Tube, I could not find a second person in Pakistan who could share my excitement. Nobody knew Ertugrul & nobody knew about this most exciting TV serial which can be called as second most popular serial of world after “Games of Throne”.

I wrote on the expected phenomenal significance & likely impact of Ertugrul TV Serial on 10 May 2017, becoming the first article ever written or spoken outside Turkey on media or Social Media. Click below link to read my views on Ertugrul Series on 10 May 2017.

4 days after my article on Ertugrul, New York Times wrote an article on Ertugrul TV Serial. I might claim that it might have been influenced by my article or at least I can claim that I was ahead of New York Time or perhaps ahead of any other International newspaper or TV channel, outside Turkey to talk about Ertugrul TV serial.

90 % Turks favourite hobby is watching Turkish TV serial compared to Pakistan, where similar percentage of Pakistanis watch political talk shows. 170 Turkish TV serials have been sold to 120 countries around the world earning more than 500 million dollar exports.

It was also the first time in Pakistan on 10 May, 2017, when I wrote about the great significance of theme behind Ertugrul TV series.

In 2019, when I shared the idea with one of the board member of PTV, who is former Governor State Bank, in a formal interaction at Ministry of Information office, about Ertugrul serial as the best example of reviving our Islamic history through state channel which will also bring back the lost audience of PTV, Board member rudely brushed aside my suggestion.

Later, I shared the idea with PM Imran Khan in a message, and soon I saw PM Imran Khan mentioned about Ertugrul TV serial in a religious seminar and later instructed PTV to telecast Ertugrul Series on PTV.

This proves that a visionary leader can pick an idea easily compared to obsolete bureaucratic mindset of our public administration.

This example shows that how this country might have lost many good ideas due to arrogant & narrow minded bureaucracy, of which this PTV board member is a classic example. I always wondered what exactly the relevance of experience might be between the positions of Governor State Bank and Member PTV Board, if anybody might find any? This is how our public sector has been destroyed due to irrelevant & obsolete mindset making their way into Board of Directors of each public Sector. We must remove all BoDs of public sector which are in loss and introduce new, creative & brilliant talent from private sector.

We must get rid of obsolete mindset in the form of retired bureaucrats and other government officials who wants to stick to power corridors at any cost blocking the opportunity for 70% population below the age of 35 years who carry most innovative ideas.

I congratulate Chairman PTV & MD PTV to launch the first episode of Ertugrul Series on 1 Ramadan. May this serial be the harbinger of a new phase of life for PTV.

I also wish people of Pakistan might switch from confrontational political shows towards historical TV serials which can help in bringing a change in public mindset.

Turkey has used this strategy not only to challenge the rule of Hollywood & Bollywood, but has been instrumental in grooming Turkish nation to feel the lost glory which they maintained for 600 years.

One may find similarities between today’s Erdogan & yesterday’s Ertugrul in this TV serial.

Erdogan famous saying “Until the lions start writing their own stories, their hunters will always be the heroes,” he said while praising Ertugrul TV Series.

Turkey is perfect example to learn so much for Pakistan because of many similarities between two countries