Return of Veeru & Jay of Sholay


By Ahmad Jawad

Watch the video of a Sikh analyst on a Sikh Television channel. All our life we enjoyed jokes on Sikhs but looks like Sikhs are very much awake, alert and aware about Indo Pak political dynamics but Pakistanis are definitely sleeping. Amid most challenging international dynamics, Pakistan is driving its foreign policy without a driver ( Foreign Minister). Our PM’s vision cannot see beyond Motorways. He is part of filmi Hindu Muslim love affair but with a slight difference that it is not between man & woman, it is between Hindu PM & Muslim PM, inspired by ” Sholay” fame Veeru & Jay friendship. Most likely our hero will end up like the end of Jay in Sholay. Radha will wear white clothes rest of her life. Who is Radha in this episode? I leave it to the imagination of readers.