What happened in last three years? Rise & fall of two adversaries: Pakistan & India


1. By 2013, Pakistan was on the verge of economic & security collapse. Official figures of ransom paid against kidnapping just in Blue Area Islamabad was 600 Million. Zardari Govt loot sale was so rampant that they declared last two days of weekend of their tenure as working day for Govt & Banks to pull out last cash reserves from Bank.

2. Baluchistan was a lost case. No top Balochistan Govt official was residing in Quetta rather remotely controlling Baluchistan from Islamabad. Hoisting of Pakistani Flag at PTI Jalsa in 2012 was talked about as a unique incident in a decade.

3. Altaf Hussain would halt the entire city of Karachi at one call. Daily average murder rate round the year was 10. Street crime was one of the highest.

4. American would call only for “Do More” with regular drone strikes & historical armed intrusion to kill OBL.

5. Army Chief brothers were becoming richer through mass corruption.

6. Industry was shut down due to load shedding.

7. No week would pass by without a terrorist attack.

8. 40,000 Pakistanis had been killed in war against terrorism.

9. Army Chief Kayani gave 40% chances to be successful in case of war against Taliban.

10. Sons of former Governor & PM were kidnapped. Son in law of Chairman Joint Staff was kidnapped.

11.Economic activity was zero.

Stage was set to divide Pakistan in 4 parts. Indian RAW with the help of NDS,CIA, Mossad & MI6 was close to achieve its target of disintegrating Pakistan.

Here came Nawaz Sharif who wasted one full year to decide on Zarb Azab.

Here came Raheel Sharif & rest was history.

1. War against Taliban was won in a year. North Waziristan the centre of terrorism was brought to normal life.

2. Karachi & Media got their freedom from Altaf Hussain after 25 yrs.

3. Baluchistan again started appearing as a province of Pakistan. Pakistani Flag started hoisting.

4. Kidnapped sons of PM & Governor came back.

5. It was guarantee of Raheel Sharif that allowed Chinese to go ahead on CPEC to energise our economy.

6. Pakistan Army reached to best of its popularity in the history of Pakistan contrary to plan of Indian RAW.

One Raheel Sharif could revitalise the spirit of a lost & shattered nation. Honour of a nation started coming back.

Indian RAW responded with two fold deadly counter attack strategy:

1.Started border clashes & border bombardment to distract Raheel Sharif.

2. Carried out deadliest attack on Army Public School to shatter the confidence of Army & trust of nation. This fired back. Army & nation got United to accept the challenge.

Both strategies failed & Indian RAW plans got the final nail in its coffin with the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav.

At this stage, India changed its strategy towards diplomatic front for a simple reason, there was no Raheel Sharif on this front, only a under confident & ailing PM, Over age Sartaj & lost Fatimi. India apparently & momentarily has succeeded in its current strategy.

BUT picture tou Abhi Baki Hai Dost.

Raheel Sharif has refused to facilitate US for war against Terrorism any further
in this region. A high level US delegation reaching Pakistan to offer compensation & compromise.

CPEC is progressing according to roadmap. According to Raheel Sharif ” His worry is not about completion of CPEC, his worry is that CPEC should not be late even by one month”.

Our weak area is political leadership to sustain such pressures & challenges and for this role Imran Khan is best choice. In future, we need Army Chief like Raheel Sharif and PM like Imran Khan if we want to accept the challenge of India & Modi Sarkar. With Nawaz Sharif as PM, we are a piece of cake for Modi, so USA will do its best to continue with Nawaz Sharif as PM & ensure there is no more Army Chief like Raheel Sharif. Imran Khan is also not in the interest of USA.

Nation has to judge & decide where,when & with whom to stand like a rock.

Ahmad Jawad