By Ahmad Jawad

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Maryum Nawaz, during her visit in Lahore, asks a resident, Are you getting water in your house? Resident replies yes very little water comes and that too with rust. Maryum Nawaz says “ Acha”.

Rust is not just in water, rust flows in “Lohar”family and Maryum Nawaz is that rust of corruption, which Nawaz Sharif got all along in his genes and family. Shame on Patwari race which follows such rust of corruption and incompetence. Truth is “rust catches more rust”, and rust from Sharifs to Patwaris is based on that common trait of getting rusted on mass scale.

Do you know how rust is removed. First scrub it hard and then grease it to remain rust free. Patwari is like that race of rust which needs hard scrubbing first and once scrubbed, we will grease them, though pores of rust will continue to remind the past rust of Patwari but greasing will them make useful part of a civilised society and at that stage, we will remove their tag of Patwari and they can recover their lost grace. Some Abu Jaihul will remain “ Beyond Economical Repair” BER, a term used in Navy for items which cannot be repaired and needs to be dumped.