Seas are meant to connect countries, how come OverSeas are meant to disconnect.


By Ahmad Jawad

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Discrimination based on race, caste & creed have always divided societies. In Pakistan, there is a new discrimination line in recent years. It is overseas Pakistanis with dual nationality.

Who is overseas Pakistani with dual nationality?

A Pakistani who left Pakistan in search of education, jobs & opportunities and finally got settled in USA, Canada, Europe & other countries. He became a citizen of that country with equal rights like other locals. He became businessman, professional, doctor, engineer, worker, politician, Minister, Mayor and he was accepted by that country & society. His children were born national and they progressed with rest of society. He made his NICOP & Passport from Pakistan and remained connected with Pakistan. He brought investment in this country, he helped various noble cause, he helped his old fellow countrymen. His heart would always beat for Pakistan. He would always strive to do something for Pakistan.

There is another category of overseas dual nationals who were born, bred, educated & worked here but opted for citizenship of a foreign country. He was a civil servant, a doctor, an engineer, a general, a professional, a businessmen but availed second citizenship after seeing hopeless & unsafe situation in the country.

There is another category of dual nationals who earned through illegal means and money laundering and thought they can escape accountability with citizenship of another country. This definition includes Hussain Nawaz, Hasan Nawaz, Altaf Hussain, Ishaq Dar and also includes corrupt bureaucrats.

Diverse backgrounds of overseas Pakistanis with dual nationality has confused our nation. Considering Hussain Nawaz or Hasan Nawaz in mind, we tend to reject all overseas Pakistanis who have done well abroad and they can do well for Pakistan as well.

Recent criticism on Zulfi Bokhari is one such example. He is a successful Pakistani businessman in UK, striving to do something for Pakistan.

What is bothering us?

If UK accepted him despite being Pakistani origin to pursue all opportunities in UK like any other British citizen, why we cannot allow him to pursue or apply his experience in Pakistan? despite being a Pakistani origin.

We must remind ourselves that 48 years of destruction since 1970 is not because of any overseas Pakistani, it is because of indigenous local breed of Pakistanis who ruled & destroyed this country. Even Shaukat Aziz & Moeen Qureshi are not responsible for our destruction.

Bhutto, Benazir, Zia, Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif & Zardari are responsible for our destructions. None of them were overseas Pakistani with dual nationality when they ruled this country.

It’s time that we review our rules, law & perception about the role of dual nationals in the development of Pakistan. We need them. They want to come back with their money, experience & skill, why to stop them. Let’s welcome them, let’s absorb them back in our fold.

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