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Two countries from Third World with Third Class Leadership & A Third Class Democratic System

69 years of two countries from Third World with Third class leadership & a Third class democratic System.
See video drawing our attention towards Two countries from Third World with Third class leadership & a Third class democratic System.

Both countries completed 69 years & still rotten with corruption, poverty, Illiteracy, poor health, high mortality rate, poor infrastructure, most polluted, least disciplined nation, poor image round the world, religious & ethnic extremism & most corrupt politician, yet they are battling against each other since 69 years, both unable to defeat each other. Both countries need political reforms to get rid of western democracy & follow better political systems according to local needs & taking inspiration from China, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia & Israel. Each model has diverse reflections of survival under difficult conditions, growing under tough competition, accomplishing results in short period of time, not following western democracy & with capable leadership. Ahmad Jawad


A Nation on High Alerts Everywhere & Anytime

A nation who is required to be on alert all the time to survive against following threats.

1. A suicide bomber at any place.
2. An unattended parcel.
3. Mobile snatching anytime.
4. Pick pocketing in a crowd.
5. Drawing cash At ATM machines.
6. Theft & Dacoity at homes.
7. Car theft anywhere, anytime.
8. Exceeding utility bills.
9. Walking at night or deserted place.
10. Tax notices on wrong addresses.
11. Fuel shortage.
12. Floods.
13. Looking around before sitting in a car.
14. Keeping cars locked from inside.
15. Keeping right privacy setting on FB.
16. Moving in Mercedes & BMW.

And latest is watch for any car with crying children who might have been kidnapped not for ransom but human organs.


Science of Corruption-Scope & Potential

Read below story of corruption

ایک نالائق شخص وزیر تعمیرات بن گیا۔ وہ اتنا نالائق تھا کہ اسے رشوت وصول کرنے کا بھی سلیقہ نہیں تھا۔ اس کے پاس ایک ٹھیکیدار آیا اور ایک فائل پر منظوری کے عوض بیس لاکھ روپے دینے کا وعدہ کیا۔ وزیر نے آؤ دیکھا نہ تاؤ‘ جھٹ سے فائل منگوائی اور اس پر Approvedلکھ دیا۔ اب فائل منظور ہو گئی مگر ٹھیکیدار کہیں نظر ہی نہیں آیا۔ دو چار دن انتظار کرنے کے بعد وزیر بہت پریشان ہوا کہ اب کیا کرے؟ اسی اثنا میں اس کے چپڑاسی نے اپنے وزیر کا اُترا ہوا چہرہ اور طبیعت کی بے کلی دیکھ کر اندازہ لگایا کہ کچھ گڑ بڑ ہے۔ وہ وزیر کے پاس آیا اور رازداری سے کہنے لگا‘ حضور! ہوں تو میں چپڑاسی مگر کافی عرصہ سے یہ وزارت میں ہی چلا رہا ہوں۔ آپ مجھے اپنی پریشانی کی وجہ بتائیں‘ میں کوئی حل نکال دوں گا۔ وزیر نے بتایا کہ اس طرح میں نے فائل اپروو کر دی ہے مگر اب ٹھیکیدار ہاتھ نہیں آرہا۔ چپڑاسی نے کہا فائل واپس منگوا لیں۔ وزیر نے کہا اب اس پر کٹنگ کس طرح کروں؟ چپڑاسی نے کہا جناب پریشان نہ ہوں‘ کوئی کٹنگ نہیں ہو گی۔ فائل واپس آئی۔ چپڑاسی نے کہا آپ اس Approved سے پہلے Not لکھ دیں۔ مقصد پورا ہو جائے گا اور کوئی کٹنگ وغیرہ بھی نہیں ہو گی۔ وزیر نے ایسا ہی کیا۔ اب ٹھیکیدار کو پتہ چلا تو بھاگا بھاگا آیا اور بیس لاکھ روپے کا بریف کیس ہاتھ پکڑایا۔ اب وزیر پھر پریشان ہو گیا اور پھر چپڑاسی کو بلایا کہ اب کیا کروں؟ چپڑاسی بولا جناب عرصہ ہوا یہ وزارت میں ہی چلا رہا ہوں۔ آپ نے فائل پر جہاں Not لکھا ہے وہاں ”ٹی‘‘ کے بعد ”ای‘‘ لگا دیں۔ یعنی Not کو Note بنا دیں۔ اب یہ ہو گیا Note Approved۔ وزیر نے ایسا ہی کیا اور من کی مراد پائی۔ شنید ہے کہ بہت سے محکمے وزراء نہیں چپڑاسی چلا رہے ہیں کہ ان کا تجربہ اور آئی کیو بہت سے وزراء سے بہتر اور زیادہ ہے واللہ اعلم بالصواب

It is not fiction, it was actually practised in KPK under ANP Govt. Corruption is a Science which is learnt by doing. Many great corrupt success stories rose from learning Science of Corruption.Science of Corruption does not discriminate between Science or Arts students, it just happens to anyone who believe “There is a will, there is a way”. Zardaris, Sharifs, Altaf, Walis, Bhuttos, Fazlur Rehman, Manshas, Maliks are top success stories rising from Science of Corruption. Pakistan leads in the world with one of the maximum number of enrolment in this program. Annual revenue roll out is in billions of dollar. Roll out of revenue starts from top to grass root level for the sake of democracy. ” Sharing is Caring” is the basic philosophy of this Science subject. PhD programs were also started under this science: Amir Liaquat, Babar Awan, Maria Sultan, Javed Laghari & are prominent beneficiary of this PhD programs.

Science of corruption  brings many benefits to a society; easy & fast circulation of money, job opportunities, shortcuts to bigger goals, Investments, solutions to problems and bonding in society.

Besides many benefits, it has some hazards, it fails all other science subjects & turns enrolment under other programs into into minority. It can have clashes over distribution of shares but does not require any judiciary or Law enforcement agencies to enforce resolution. “Might is Right” is the basic principle. Judiciary & Law enforcement expresses utter respect for such decisions. If required, endorsement under Judiciary & Govt letterhead is provided under flexible packages of mutual sharing.

Two families historically competed for top slot in Science of Corruption: Sharifs & Zardaris. Zardari family is spin off from Bhuttos. Pakistan land & environment has huge potential for this kind of Science. Most incredible conducive fact helping Science of Corruption in Pakistan is great appreciation by general public for Corruption Kings. General public not only follow corruption  Kings but even vote them into power under the system of democracy. Such kindness & admiration by general public is not one time. Each corruption King has at least three chances to come to power. If democracy continues, their 4th & 5th chance is guaranteed.

Panama Leaks & Swiss Leaks are like ISO 9000 certification or equivalent to Academy Awards for Corruption Kings. Zardaris were  quite upset after missing certifications from Panama Leaks. Swiss Leaks were their last endorsement.

Future looks very bright for Science of Corruption due to strong will of nation for democracy. Long Live Democracy. Ahmad Jawad

Digital & Social Media and Mindset of General Understanding

Today, we frequently see videos, Images & message highlighting how Digital & social media has destroyed us.

Every technology used for communication & Entertainment, if used inappropriately, has dark sides. Starting from TV, VCR, Telephone, Camera, mobile, movies, Smart phone, Walkman, IPod, You tube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more.

Even a knife if not used with caution, it can cut your fingers. If a car is not driven properly, it can take your life.

Our national mindset is:

1.Concluding in general without precision.
2.Passing general statement without any specifics.
3.Having general understanding of a subject without making required research.

It is the same mindset FulBright Scholar Ihtesham
made a fun of himself & Pakistan in front of Christine Fair on a discussion of Kashmir in America.In the end, he just proved to be a FoolBright Scholar making records of viewing on You Tube.

As a Muslim in Pakistan, 95 % have never read Quran with translation but 100 % claim expertise on Islam.

99% has not read a single book on history other than syllabus, yet everybody is a historian.

Every subject whether technology, Politics, Social, economic, history become victim of  our mindset of general understanding.

Mindset of General understanding also reflect our shallowness as a national character. Such approach suits to our habit of convenience.

You do not need to be an expert to give an opinion, still one can attempt to do some homework. If One cannot do homework then at least learn to listen others for the cause of learning.

Are we aware about the revolution of communication, revolution of outreach, Revolution of awareness, Ease of knowledge, Miracle of Khan Academy, millions of Start ups around the globe bringing a new set of entrepreneurs, tremendous employment opportunities, Cost effectiveness, Economy of efforts, Revolution of monopoly breaking in every field, Revolution in education & many other amazing results.

Are we aware about the miracle of Google which has placed information of entire universes at one click.

Yes, we need to groom our digital generation how to keep balance between values & Digits. Ahmad Jawad

World’s Worst Designed Public Transport System – Metro Pakistan

Why & How – Read full story

I have visited top cities of world including Rome, Paris, London, Sydney, Vienna, Istanbul, Munich, Berlin, Ankara, Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Zurich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Orlando, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, UAE, Prague, Manchester, Birmingham.


I have never seen a public transport of few hundred buses plying on a dedicated road running through the congested roads of city & blocked by heavy grill (Jungla) from both sides. Even city trains(Trams) pass through the standard roads & equally used by pedestrians & other transport. What I understand from this logic of not having dedicated roads for any public transport is to have maximum utilisation of limited space available within cities for all types of transport & pedestrians.


A picture of a road filled & choked with traffic on a Lahore road next to an empty Metro bus road is probably a good explanation of above logic.

What is drastically wrong in case of Metro transport in Lahore & Rwp/Islamabad is construction of dedicated roads for few hundreds buses.  Such metro roads remain highly under utilised roads by any standard. It’s like 2 Million people availing Metro are having free corridors while 10 Million people are stuck in traffic right next to each other. A standard road is used by any type of transport including Bicycle, Motorcycle,trolley, Rickshaw,Truck, bus,vans, cars, Taxis, pull carts & even pedestrians. Who travel on these standard roads? Everyone from a beggar to a rich man travel on these roads.

Metro Pakistan is a unique design of wasting resources in the entire world, only genius from a sharif family can design such rare concept of public transport.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, when whole world has reached to efficient models of public transport after various experimentation.

Another impact of such design fault resulted into dividing the city into parts. You can see the other side but you need a big effort to reach other side. I simply cannot digest such a major design blunder. One has to be crazy enough to create such a design.

Such image of Metro alongside a standard route stuck with traffic speaks volumes of grossly flawed system conceived by Punjab Government.

We normally conclude our blunders with the sentence

” God help this country”


God will not help those who cut their own feet by own choice and not ready to learn from mistakes.

As you sow, so shall you reap is my conclusion on Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad


The Art of Conversation & Art of Argument in Digital World

Never before this subject has been presented. Let me touch a very critical issue of our society today which will explain the philosophy behind Art of conversation & Art of Argument in Digital World. I might like to claim that subject I am touching today is most vital for evolution of civilised societies yet it has never been taught in most of our homes, any educational institution, any media forum or by any Think Tank. Your attention will be my reward towards my initiative to present the subject. Your understanding of subject will be your reward to a valuable piece of reading.

Every individual carries different background, intelligence, experience, attitude, likes, dislikes & habits despite the fact that education & grooming could be similar. This evolves an environment of diverse opinion on every subject including politics, social issues, religion, current affairs, history, economy, success & failures. What will happen if every individual gets stubborn on his/her opinion, result will be chaos, fights & bitterness in our daily life. Societies prevalent with such situation disintegrate slowly. The frequency & need for Art of Conversation & Argument has risen tremendously in Digital Age.Secondly discussing in the physical presence of a group of people and discussion on digital forum are very different in nature. In physical presence, your eyes & body language help in mutual understanding during a discussion.In digital forum, entire reliance of mutual understanding is on ” composition of words” which are written & understood in different manner by different people.

What is the solution?

Here comes the Art of Conversation & Art of Argument.

Our conversation & argument rose from small encounters in our daily life to Digital era which allowed group discussion on various subjects using Email, FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp & many other forums. Like I always say ” Social media is not evolution, it’s a happening”, we were not groomed or prepared for such exposure, people of every Stature, any level of Education or Experience, Fluctuating Temperaments and sentiments of Happiness, Sadness, Success, Failure, emotion, depression and passion jumped into one group of digital age. Suddenly it became ” Too close for comfort”.

Societies like ours which were not civilised & lacked in education, tolerance, grooming and attitudes are more vulnerable to digital era.

Digital World is a tool if used without prerequisites,can back fire & may turn societies in chaos, bitterness & even civil wars. First of all we must accept the vital need of learning “The art of argument & conversation” in Digital World. We must groom our society to learn how to survive & grow in Digital World.

We must begin to understand the difference between “one on one” discussion & a group discussion. Sensitivity level in a group discussion are much higher than individual discussion. Basic understanding of such difference can help mutual understanding. We may belong to following types of groups on social media forums:

1. Silent:

Who just reads & learns silently without any contribution or argument.The group may have intellectuals & highly educated people but those prefer to stay silent for various reasons.

2. Well researched & knowledgeable:

Those who carry out research before writing & possess knowledge & experience. They like to devote time for common cause of awareness & learning.

3. Forwarders:

Those who would forward useful, interesting, significant information without any comments or analysis. This group may have people who are very busy in their professional life but like to exchange good things among family & friends in shortest time.

4. Counter Opinion group:

This group when reads an opinion, has the ability to find missing links or angles & provides a different angle or counter argument which opens way for further healthy deliberation & learning. People from this group wants to pursue their opinions & like to learn & educate others simultaneously.This group knows & understand that society stands on ” Let’s agree to disagree” and knows the art of disagreement without challenging & offending the others.

5. Reactors:

This group of people are dangerous. They react in a manner which is tantamount to ridiculing, insulting, rejecting, challenging the other opinion arrogantly. People from this group are empty & blank. They hate fullness & content from others  with strong reactions.

We may belong to any of the group but we should try to stay away from 5th group which can cause disruption of peace & harmony both within an healthy & learning environment.

Some tips how we can avoid to be part of dangerous 5th group.

1. Never start your response to any opinion by expressions like  ” I disagree with you”. This four  words expression is not an opinion but an expression of arrogance & frustration. You can provide a counter argument without the expression of frustration. When we use this Four letter sentence, we basically lack to offer counter argument & compensate our ignorance by putting the entire weight of our logic into the basket of arrogance. It’s like rejecting your addressee. Nobody like to be rejected. You can reject the opinion of your addressee by giving your point of view with matching facts n figures but not by rejecting his thoughts, his knowledge, his research or his argument. Such expression is like arrogance & lack of manners in a civilised Society. Such expression is similar to situation where you draw swords before offering any counter argument. Counter argument is the civilised way of our disagreement & even rejecting others opinion. We might have heard phrases like ” I beg to differ” which are expression from English culture and are a soft way of offering your opposite opinion. I even do not recommend to start your counter argument even with this softer version, I recommend to offer your counter argument without any expression of challenging your addressee. Beauty of counter argument is presenting your argument without putting your hand on sword & drawing sword.

Response in the form of Phrases like ” what a comparison”, “what a choice” and obnoxious words like “non sense”, “ridiculous”are not counter argument but way of ridiculing your addressee.

Art of Conversation & Argument is not one time recipe but we practice it throughout our life to develop & learn this art. Patience, Tolerance, humbleness, knowledge, experience, Learning are different keys to open the Art of Conversation & Argument. We all fell prey to undesirable conversation in our life under emotions & strong likes & dislikes but we may analyse our response after each episode to apply correction.

Another undesirable approach in an argument is passing Judgment. Here we need to understand the difference between a judgment & a conclusion. Conclusion is drawing result after presenting facts n figures. Judgement is only an expression of our likes & dislikes. Conclusion helps in understanding, Judgment create friction in a conversation.

Taking a deep breath before offering counter arguments is also a very helpful tip 😀

By adopting above guidelines, not only we can improve our knowledge & enhance our learning ability but we help in creating a society of harmony & mutual respect.

Best of luck in the Digital Age. Ahmad Jawad

Future belongs to countries with strong infrastructure

Future belongs to countries with strong infrastructure. Within the definition of infrastructure, Digital infrastructure is most vital for growth of any country. The foundation of Digital Infrastructure is Fibre Optic. See the list of top 35 countries with Fibre Optic penetration. Japan & South Korea topping the list with no sign of Pakistan in the list. Scandinavian countries & Turkey also appear on top chart. Focus on Infrastructure by some Government gives the idea why some nations are constantly progressing & would continue to survive & grow among the tough competition of nations. Ahmad Jawad



Foreign hand is not a joke but history of painful moments

Those who hate the theory of “Foreign Hands in Pakistan” must listen the history of foreign hands in this video.

We as a nation like to sleep for a half a century & never reaching truth, finally truth comes from America which disclose its secret files after every 50 years. What a great country is America.

Foreign hands is not a joke when America accepts killing your one of the great founding member of independence of Pakistan, the first PM of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan.

Foreign hands is not a joke when Sitting PM of India announce their role in dividing Pakistan at the celebration ceremony of basically division of Pakistan but officially Independence of Bangladesh.

Foreign hand is not joke when Commander Kulbhushan Yadav of Indian Navy is caught in Baluchistan for organising terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Foreign hand is not a joke when foreign funds from India are supplied to Altaf Hussain in UK by India & proved by ScotLand Yard.

Foreign hands is not joke when workers of MQM confess taking terrorist training & funds from India.

Foreign hand might be a joke for friends of foreign hands. Mahmood Achakzai is just tip of iceberg full of such friends in Media, Politics, Showbiz, NGOs and Think Tanks.

The biggest question which might be asked from an honourable nation & Government, ” If you come to know that your leader & First PM was conspired to be killed by a foreign country, and it is now accepted by the foreign country, what should be the response of such a nation.

An honourable Government will investigate such information & would seek apology from foreign country.

Second Question is ” Did any of our media raised this issue? Obviously we have a link from Arab News here.

Ahmad Jawad


Once Upon a Time in the East

Once upon a time a nation in the East was under attack by criminals, murderers, target killers, kidnappers, Suicide attackers, bombers, foreign agents, gun shooters, robbers, rapist & corrupt. Rulers (Democracy brand) were issuing statements of condemnation & even visiting hospitals after every mass killing. Rulers would come on the TV & challenge the attackers fearlessly after every incident. Rulers would live & travel in highest protocol of security fearlessly. Rulers would promise the nation to apprehend responsible ones after every incident only to repeat the promise after next incident. Nation went into insomnia & got used to killings & crimes, only when somebody might lose his near & dear, pain was felt.

All hopes of recovery was gone. Country became a theatre of corpses & vultures. Just at this moment, a “Man in Uniform” arrived, he came forward to take on the killers & criminals. Rulers warned him severe consequences of such courage & advised him to surrender & kneel down against killers & beg for their mercy. Man in Uniform did not listen to them & attacked the killers. Killers started running away & peace started coming back. Foreign sponsors were very upset on such offensive response, they protested the rulers, rulers apologised and whispered in each other’s ears. Foreign sponsors participated in wedding ceremony of rulers to reciprocate expression of good will of rulers and sang ” Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” together. They exchanged gifts & appreciations. Foreign sponsors went back happily & acted according to the plan of good will. Runaway killers were gathered at a neighbouring country. Funds, training & support was provided to ” Runaway” killers. Rulers assured inaction against foreign agents & planners hiding in the country. Media promised to hit back “Man in Uniform”as soon as a successful attack will be launched. Fortunately after every attack, man in uniform & entire nation got more determined & United.

Rulers, Media & foreign sponsors changed one strategy to another: border shelling, attack on school children, attack on celebrities, kidnapping of important people, firing on security vehicles, International pressure, Drone attacks by US, United front with other neighbours but nothing really worked.

Rulers felt very embarrassed & told their foreign sponsors, that “Man in Uniform”has embarrassed them by getting successful & getting the credit. They requested foreign sponsors to carry out a series of attacks near the retirement of “Man in Uniform” to prove he lost the war.

Rulers sat back during entire operation of “Man in Uniform” & would only jump up after any incident of terrorist attack & would point towards “Man in Uniform “;see he has failed, we warned him”. Media would raise the volume of their mic to create the similar impression. Unfortunately Nation is also no better than rulers & media, so they would also join the course of ” Intel Failure” slogan. Nobody knows what is happening but pre planned agenda of blaming “Intel failure” just takes shape of like a fashion.

Man in Uniform made one mistake, he knew about the rulers & media he did not judge his nation rightly. His retirement is in few months. He has following options

First Option: Bow down against the similar breed of nation, rulers & media and leave for foreign appointment as Commander of Islamic Armed Forces. Rulers and Media will celebrate departure of ” Last Man Standing” and nation can join any celebration of it is in fashion.Media will apply necessary correction for rulers to keep the history according to the wishes of rulers & their sponsors.

Second Option:Remove the rulers, carry out tough accountability of rulers, politicians, media, NGOs & establishment. Complete the mission of defeating enemy once for ever by creating ” Game of Thrones ” Behind Enemy Lines”. Create a entertainment club named “Democracy Land” on the lines of Disneyland to engage democracy lovers to have fun in this club.

The story did not end here.

Next season with more bloodshed & new battle lines. Was the club ” Democracy Land” created? Did Man in Uniform left? Did rulers succeed with foreign sponsors? Did ” Game of Thrones” worked ” Behind Enemy Lines”?

To see this all wait for Next Season in November. After all, this nation in the East is best spectator of its own destruction. Ahmad Jawad


War Crimes of Bush & Blair – From ChilCot to Malaysia Cut.

International Tribune in Malaysia declared George Bush & Tony Blair as war criminals. Mahathir Muhammad presence at International Tribunal report event at Kuala lumpur was glimpse of a past glory of a great leader. It is first such initiative by any Muslim country. International Tribunal was comprised of judges & prosecutor of International fame. Last such verdict came from Britain by ChilCot Report. Therefore it is second International verdict against Bush & Blair war crimes.

Another interesting part of this video was coverage & reporting of such significant event by Press TV(Iran TV). Did any of our local media especially PTV covered the event? I am not sure. In some of my earlier articles I wrote about rise of Press TV, RT TV, CCTV & some other media channels on international scene. Media was a pitch traditionally prepared & used by US & Britain for global perception building till new experts of Pitch are in the market. It is a very healthy sign to have diverse angles from different International media groups. The question remains ” Where is the International presence of Pakistani media” which continues to play a local role without substance & enjoy the local popularity like Sultan Rahi films enjoyed in 70s & 80s. Media warfare is important component of today’s perception building. Sadly Pakistan is not one of such players.

PTV which enjoys funding of electricity bills to the tune of Billions is found busy only polishing shoes of ruling regime. Ahmad Jawad

Singapore a Model of Success & Civilisation through Local Vision & Local Governance System.

The world’s greatest power America takes inspiration from Singapore but our experts on democracy in Pakistan cannot see beyond the US model of 100 years of democratic journey to reach to a stable system. 50 years of Singapore from its independence in 1965 includes 25 years of rule by Lee Kwon & 25 years rule by his son Lee Hsien Loong. The democratic system in Singapore has been customised according to local needs. The system allows controlled elections & family legacy of Lee Kwon. Lee Kwon by nature was a dictator who ruled with tough, independent and ruthless decisions. Singapore is like a showroom of best models of Governance, Business, Trade, Technology, Investment, Civic amenities, infrastructure, Taxation, basic rights, controlled democracy, Community living, Ethics, safety, traffic, Banking & any aspect of a society. Singapore did not achieve this by blind following of western democracy, they achieved it with their own vision & local needs.

Here are the top five quotes from his speech from the South Lawn of the White House.

1. “Singapore is one nation with four official languages so let me just say good morning, selamat datang, vanakkam and ni hao.”

2. “Half a century ago, when Singapore was an island of villages and crowded tenements, few would have imagined a day like today. But Singapore prides itself on being a little red dot. A little red dot on many maps but with a very big impact on the world.”

3. “In this work, we draw strength from our people, two societies built on multi-multiculturalism and on merit. In United States, we call ourselves a melting pot. In Singapore, it is rojak — different parts united in a harmonious whole. Bound by the belief that no matter who you are, you work hard and play by the rules, you can make it.”

4. “As the United States rebalances our foreign policy to the Asia Pacific, Singapore, and Prime Minister Lee in particular, have been rock solid partners. Singapore is an anchor of our presence in the region. We stand together for a regional order where every nation large and small play and trade by the same rules. And we stand together to meet the threats of the 21st Century, from terrorism to the spread of disease and climate change.”

5. “What Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew once said of this country could be said of us — both our populations are triers, prepared to try anything to improve themselves. We have only the future to go in quest of”. Ahmad Jawad


Quddrat Ullah Shahab was not a fiction but part of our history

If our civil servants start acting like Quddrat Ullah Shahab, many tears will roll out with relief & joy.
Such tears can become asset of our life. From LDA, CDA, KDA to office of every Patwari, stories of struggle by poor, weak & helpless people are found struggling their entire life to resolve their genuine property issue. Every moment of pain suffered by such helplessness people is a curse on a society. Allah does not leave any society to live in peace if weak & helpless are suffering in the same society.

Read one such story & feel the pain & joy of an old & helpless woman.

سولہ آنے کی رشوت

میں نے دفتر کے باہر بورڈ آویزاں کر رکھا تھا جس پر تحریر تھا “ملاقاتی ہر سوموار اور جمعرات کو صبح 9 بجے سے 12 تک بلا روک و ٹوک تشریف لا سکتے ہیں۔”

ایک روز ایک مفلوک الحال بڑھیا آئی۔ رو رو کر بولی کہ میری چند بیگھے زمین ہے۔ جسے پٹواری کو اس کے نام منتقل کرنا ہے لیکن وہ رشوت لیے بغیر کام کرنے سے انکاری ہے۔ رشوت دینے کی توفیق نہیں، تین چار برسوں سے دفتروں میں دھکے کھا رہی ہوں لیکن کہیں شنوائی نہیں ہوئی۔

اس کی دردناک بپتا سن کر میں نے اسے گاڑی میں بٹھایا اور جھنگ شہر سے 60۔70 میل دور اس گاؤں کے پٹواری کو جا پکڑا۔

ڈپٹی کمشنر کو اپنے گاؤں میں دیکھ کر بہت سے لوگ جمع ہو گئے۔ پٹواری نے سب کے سامنے قسم کھائی، یہ بڑھیا بڑی شر انگیز ہے اور جھوٹی شکایتیں کرنے کی عادی ہے۔ اپنی قسم کی تصدیق کے لیے پٹواری اندر سے جزدان اٹھا لایا اور اسے اپنے سر پر رکھ کر کہنے لگا۔

“حضور اس مقدس کتاب کی قسم کھاتا ہوں۔”

گاؤں کے ایک نوجوان نے مسکرا کر کہا۔ “جناب ذرا یہ بستہ کھول کر بھی دیکھ لیں۔”

ہم نے بستہ کھولا تو اس میں پٹوار خانے کے رجسٹر بندھے ہوئے تھے۔ میرے حکم پر پٹواری بھاگ کر ایک اور رجسٹر اٹھا لایا اور سر جھکا کر بڑھیا کی اراضی کا انتقال کر دیا۔

میں نے بڑھیا سے کہا۔ “لو بی بی تمہارا کام ہو گیا، اب خوش رہو۔”

بڑھیا کو میری بات کا یقین نہ آیا اور پاس کھڑے نمبردار سے کہا۔ “سچ مچ میرا کام ہوگیا ہے؟”

نمبردار نے تصدیق کی تو بڑھیا کے آنکھوں سے بےاختیار آنسو نکل آئے، اس کے دوپٹے کے ایک کونے میں کچھ ریزگاری بندھی ہوئی تھی اس نے اسے کھول کر سولہ آنے گن کر اپنی مٹھی میں لیے اور اپنی دانست میں نظر بچا کر چپکے سے میری جیب میں ڈال دیئے۔

اس ادائے معصومانہ اور محبوبانہ پر مجھے بے اختیار رونا آ گیا۔ کئی دوسرے لوگ بھی آب دیدہ ہو گئے۔ یہ سولہ آنے واحد “رشوت” ہے جو میں نے اپنی ساری ملازمت کے دوران قبول کی۔ اگر مجھے سونے کا پہاڑ بھی مل جاتا تو میری نظروں میں ان سولہ آنوں کے سامنے اس کی کوئی قدر و قیمت نہ ہوتی۔ میں نے ان آنوں کو آج تک خرچ نہیں کیا کیوں کہ میرا گمان ہے کہ یہ ایک متبرک تحفہ ہے جس نے مجھے ہمیشہ کے لئے مالا مال کر دیا۔

قدرت اللہ شہاب


India needs freedom from Kashmir more than Kashmir needs freedom from India

Yesterday was ruled by Ajit Doval. Today is Raheel Sharif. India needs freedom from Kashmir more than Kashmir needs freedom from India.

Back in 2013, Ajit Doval speech was circulated on Social Media where he talked about 4th generation warfare against Pakistan & hinted on the break up of Pakistan specially highlighting Indian hand in Baluchistan & other areas. After the arrival of Raheel Sharif, I predicted Ajit Doval will get a matching response not in words but in the same coin. Today, India is more worried about Kashmir than his ulterior motives in Baluchistan & Karachi. Nation should be grateful to Raheel Sharif for putting Pakistan on higher grounds whether war against Terrorism, handling Afghanistan & India at borders & inside Pakistan, seeing USA from higher moral grounds, raising the image of Pakistan Army internationally & bringing Army & nation closer than any other occasion in the history of Pakistan with the exception of 1965 war.

Raheel Sharif 3 years tenure ending this year has given hope to Pakistan & a chance to emerge as an honourable nation on the map of World from the past image of disgrace & failure.

It is now up to our politicians & nation how to cash the moment.

There is little hope from politicians. But is there any bigger hope from the nation? A big Question Mark. Ahmad Jawad


AGENDA is the family name of Media while media is just the first name of Agenda.

AGENDA is the family name of Media while media is just the first name of Agenda. When I pointed out total silence of media reporting on very obvious but biased & suspicious role of CNN in the first 12 hours of Turkish failed coup, I was complaining about vested interest of media groups all over the world & why it is the need of hour to have second opinion. Today Dr Moeed Pirzada is complaining the same. But his complain is also attached to his own past experience where he became focus of media attention in Dubai due to some personal controversy.

Conclusion: AGENDA is the family name of Media while media is just the first name of Agenda. Ahmad Jawad


Local Media – “A tool”

Such pertinent information & caution for World’s peace just never find any place in so called freedom of expression & Free media of West. Wish we can understand the game of Information Warfare by Western media hurting us & using local media as a tool. Ahmad Jawad


A Story of Great Leader & Nation. A Story from Turkey

Speak from the heart because it connects hearts. Let tears roll down because truth lies in the moist of tears. Passions are stronger than tanks & traitors. Ahmad Jawad


Quaid-e-Azam’s Muslim Tiger Wants to Eat Hindu Cow

Unlike the statement, Hindu cow ate the Muslim Tiger & torn it into two pieces.
Nations become tiger under leaders like Quaid Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan, Ayub Khan, Bhutto & Raheel Sharif. Same nation become cow under leaders like Sikandar Mirza, Yayha Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir, Musharraf & Zardari. Ahmad Jawad

Image Source: Time Magazine (April 22, 1946)


Mosque was not just a Mosque in Ottoman Empire

Popularly known as Blue Mosque is actually named as Sultan Ahmed Mosque at Istanbul Turkey. It was built by Sultan Ahmed 1 who ruled from the age of 14 years & died at the age of 28 years. He worked as a labourer in the construction of mosque. Turkish mosques during the rule of Ottoman Empire were not just Mosques, it would include hospital, educational Institution, Food Street, Shops, Scientific research centre, Royal family premises, Hamams & many other activities.It was basically a hub of religious, cultural, trade, Social Hub of society. Even today similar model is exercised at this grand historical mosque by Turkish people. If you make religion too scared, it stays away from our daily life but if we mix religion with way of life, religion becomes more practical. Ahmad Jawad


Lifestyle of our religious leaders

Flying in First class is lifestyle of our religious leaders, political Leaders & Government Servants.

Thanks Abdul Sattar Edhi was neither a religious leader nor a political leader or a Government Servant. He was just a symbol of humanity with simplest lifestyle on earth despite running Air Ambulances. Ahmad Jawad


Attitude of blaming those who don’t matter anymore for our consistent failures

How much time nations require to rectify the past bad decisions & choices. Zia Ul Haq was killed in an air crash back in 1988, 28 years after his death, our thought process is still stuck with the past ghost of Zia. Musharraf left in 2008, Eight years have passed since his departure and we are still looking back to find excuse of our inability & putting blame on past. Problem is not Zia or Musharraf or even Zardari, problem is our inability to move forward. We are basically ghost of past

Tayyip Erdogan turned around Turkey in 10 years, from World’s lowest ever currency value to rise to 3 Lira/dollar.

Germany & Japan turned around their countries in 25 years from the ruins of Second World War.

Raheel Sharif could turn around law n order & counter Terrorism in 2 years. He never said, what past rulers or Army Chiefs did. He just did it.

A five year tenure is enough to make a major dam, to revolutionise health n education sector, accelerate economic activity, increase tax base, develop tourism, build 500 km motorway, to enable industry to grow, besides so many other initiatives, yet our political parties end up completing a tenure putting blames to past for their failures. PPP ruled for 15 years in Federal capacity & 18 years in SINDH. PMLN ruled 8 years in Federal capacity & 20 years in Punjab. Yet PPP/PMLN & their supporters are found blaming Military interventions for their inability to transform any real progress in the country.

All major development of Pakistan in public n private sector is mostly done during Military rules. Imagine if Military would not have intervened, we would have been sitting in dark caves under the corrupt & incompetent democracy.

Our next door India never had any Military intervention but check its human development index or poverty level or level of corruption. It is as bad as Pakistan & in some cases worse. Democracy is for the people & of the people but what Democracy has done for majority poor class in India.

Biggest Question “Why 69 years of democracy could not bring change in the lives of a under prevailed class in India despite consistent democracy.

Answer, there will never be anything for deprived class whether India or Pakistan because democracy is a grossly flawed system for our region. Ahmad Jawad

A tale of DTH from Neighbourhood

A tale of Treasure Award not Treasure Hunt. A tale of DTH from neighbourhood.

Video on spread of Indian Dish spread in Pakistan & inaction by PEMRA is a food for thought for us. But our nation is fond of food but not thought.

DTH is the technology which our successive Governments could not introduce in Pakistan when whole world went on to DTH. Indian Dish is also a DTH technology. When we are unable to progress with rest of the world, we end up relying on others.

IP streaming is next technology ahead of DTH. Netflix is leader in the world in this technology. Netflix has been introduced in Pakistan under License & regulation.

Indian Dish was illegal DTH which spread in Pakistan illegally in last 8 years. Once it was spread to the tune of Millions of illegal subscribers, granting a license to anyone in Pakistan was like awarding a treasure. Obviously treasure is to be awarded to friends of Sharifs. I am not sure about authenticity who got the License. But name of Shakilur Rehman has been taken as the recipient of such treasure.

Vision is something which allows nation to lead & not to stagger behind others. Vision comes from Leaders. Our leaders have great vision for their business & children but for Pakistan, their vision reduce to blindness. Ahmad Jawad


Govt & Media keeping us in dark

Dear Nation: Please go through my comments below very carefully to understand the threats to any rising Islamic country like Turkey. Tomorrow it might be our turn. Our Govt & media is not telling you this all. See how both Govt & Media keeping us in dark.

It’s so interesting to read the latest information on Turkish coup plot prepared by CIA & set up on media by CNN which was exposed timely by PUTIN. Please read full story in below link.
I never knew about this latest information obviously. I neither had any intelligence from Putin nor from Tayyip Erdogan, yet I pointed out CNN suspicious reporting during the coup, on early morning 16 July, only 6 hours after the coup, through tweets. You can easily find relevance to latest report on Turkish Coup with my tweets. My question is ” Could any anchor or analyst or news channel pointed out very strange & suspicious reporting of CNN during the coup operation. I claim perhaps I am the only one in Pakistan or might be in the world who related the coup to suspicious reporting of CNN.

Three possible answers:
1. Our anchors or Analyst are too naive to recognise the very evident suspicious role of CNN during coup.
2. Our local media do not have the courage to expose CNN.
3. Our media is sold out to US.

Why I am the only person in Pakistan or World with evidence of tweets on that particular day to point out role of CNN at 6 AM in the morning when coup was mainly eliminated. It was sheer common sense to see that only international media, which was unable to accept coup has failed, was CNN. It appeared as if CNN was giving hope to dying coup. Body language of CNN was very strange. All I could do was to throw few tweets with my apprehensions. Now plz go through below tweets & match it with the latest report on Coup. Ahmad Jawad

2016-07-23-PHOTO-00000491 2016-07-23-PHOTO-00000492 2016-07-23-PHOTO-00000489 2016-07-23-PHOTO-00000490



Click below link to read full article.

Did He Resign?

Did Gaddafi resign? Did Saddam resign? Did Husni Mubarik resign? Did Bhutto resign? Did Zia Ul Haq resign?


Did Ayub Khan resign? Did Musharraf resign? Did Mahathir retire?Did Lee Kwon retire? Did Cameron resign? Did Nixon resign?


Yes or No decides the fate of a dictator or a successful ruler.

The question of Nawaz Sharif resigning will decide his fate.

Allah make the Oppressor or a dictator to commit an error to reach his fate. Ahmad Jawad


Freedom of Expression – A Hoax

Freedom of Expression is a hoax created by West. It’s basically Freedom of Information Warfare & Manipulation of Facts.

Media and Think Tanks are established tools of US & West to manipulate rest of the world. Since only US & West could establish presence of such medium, it’s freedom is the concern of them. Their tools become redundant if a country starts controlling them. China, Russia & Turkey have known the western trick & would control media & Think Tanks effectively & such approach gave them prosperity & stability. Freedom of express is a hoax created by West. It’s basically freedom of Information Warfare & manipulation of facts. Media traditionally is CNN, BBC, FOX, Newsweek, Times with other sidekicks from Europe including international media organisation. The whole war of information warfare is apparently fought on basic values but manipulative agenda of US & West to keep the world under their control. Generally Local media very easily get influenced by the agents of International media through money, recognition, training, support, intellectual sharing and social calls. Imagine US & West have no objection to highly restricted freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, & other middle Eastern countries but they are too worried about the same in Russia, China & Turkey. In the past, they had concerns on Iran as well but not any more. It’s like a certificate of freedom of expression which US & West grant to countries in their control.

Recent rise of Russian TV RT, China TV CCTV & others is start of breaking monopoly of International mafia of Journalism.

I highly recommend well regulated media & Social Media in Pakistan in the best interest of Pakistan.

Security Clearance of media groups & journalist should be mandatory.

PTV should not be used for representing Government but It should be used internationally to represent Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad


Game of Democracy

Most Profitable Movie “Game of Democracy” by WollyWood.

“Game of Democracy” is a most successful Series which is produced by WollyWood (Washington DC), it is written by CIA, it is sponsored by United Nations, It is played with real blood, real ammunition, real audience, real tragedies. Film budget is to the tune of Billions of dollars but profit for producers is in trillions of dollar. Film is previewed for local audience on real local locations. Local audience throng to real viewing of film & participate on sets with fast auditions. Audience failing auditions either die or take the bodies of their real ones. Audience clap, cry, weep & laugh all together. After first successful Season of “Game of Democracy” in Iraq, Season 2 was made in Afghanistan, Season 3 was in Egypt, Season 4 was in Libya. Season 5 failed to complete in Syria due to sabotage by competitors. Season 6 was long planned in Pakistan. Season 6 in Pakistan was near completion when unexpected & unusual interference by a non democratic element Raheel Sharif spoiled & destroyed the major production work. Season 6 was most exciting & was heavily sponsored by India & Israel. Keeping in view past successes, investors invested heavily & now they are questioning the Producers for safe return of investment with dividends. Producers have taken time till December as non democratic element are expected to leave from the Sets of Film soon. Media Partners have assured full support to the renewal of Season 6 & it’s success.


Local audience is expected to throng to Season 6 due to addiction with the word “Democracy”.

Game of Democracy broke all records of “Game of Thrones”, though both series have a lot in common, yet they belong to two different Production Houses.

George Bush & Tony Blair received best actor & best supporting actor award respectively in the past for their best performance in previous season.

Market anxiously looking forward to release of Season 6. Keep your fingers crossed. Ahmad Jawad


Sorry Correction

Tayyip Erdogan demanding Fatiullah Gollen from USA.

Its like Pakistan has been demanding Fazlullah from Afghanistan.

Sorry correction Raheel Sharif is demanding Fazlullah.

Sorry correction. Raheel Sharif cannot demand because we love democracy & in democracy, only PM or Foreign Minister can demand.

Sorry correction we don’t have a Foreign Minister & PM is under heart Periodic Maintenance Cycle(PMC).

Sorry correction, Foreign policy is made at GHQ.

Sorry correction, No need of Foreign policy, we are making Metro to fight terrorism & poverty.

Sorry correction, US says Pakistan not doing enough to counter terrorism. So more Metros required.

Conclusion: Democracy is must for country. Sharif or Zardari are two choices under democracy. Take it or leave it.

Sorry correction, PTI is third choice in democracy. Ahmad Jawad


Power of Germany

Power of Germany – First time in the history, Bonds with negative interest rate. Pakistan GIVES more than 8 % interest rate on its Euro bonds. Germany TAKES 0.05 % interest rate on its bonds. Ahmad Jawad

Click here to read full story

A sample of Vision & Leadership

Those who are interested to see & understand vision, execution of a vision, leadership & rise of a nation in 10 years to become World’s 18th Economic power, must see this video. Inspiring & motivating for many, Invisible & unbelievable for some. Join the vision by sharing & loving the vision. Ignore the vision with fears & doubts, Take a choice for you & others. Ahmad Jawad

Click Here to watch video

Change of Socks in SINDH

A joke from World War I, a Commander of battalion congratulated his troops. Troops asked for what? Commander replied ” you all are going to change your socks today” A ray of excitement went through all of them.
Suddenly a soldier asked where are the new socks??

Commander replied idiot you have to change socks with each other.

Today, similar decision has been made by Asif Zardari & his operators in Sindh. Qaim Ali Shah to Murad Ali Shah is a mere change of socks till the time the party is controlled from a Don from Dubai.

Pakistani nation is like that platoon who are ready to change stinking socks in the name of change on every election.

Our nation must be liberated from the clutches of so called democracy & a new system of reforms needs to be initiated to break the monopoly of Socks Commanders. Ahmad Jawad

Justice looks anxiously & helplessly towards Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah

Time for him to set an example out of this case. Shah Hussain son of a renowned Lawyer Tanvir Hashmi. He stabbed  Miss Khadeeja Siddiqui his class fellow,  23 times  on her chest and neck area when she went to pick her seven year old sister Sofia from Convent of Jesus and Mary. The attacker was chasing her and attacked when she was about to sit in the car outside the school, he also wounded little Sofia.
The murder suspect escaped the arrest from the session court with help of lawyers after his bail plea was rejected. The criminal is still on the run and is supported by goons from Pakistan’s people’s party.
Khadeeja has miraculously survived but she and her seven year old sister are still in a state of trauma and has requested to spread the word against the hooliganism of lawyers in lower courts. Who are still threatening her family. Please support her and spread this as much as you can, until justice is served.

Grooming & Training of our children is our greatest responsibility. In pursuance of never ending greed & lust for money & success, we forget this important responsibility & we create monsters out of innocent children. Then, Such monsters start hitting the very fabric of our society. Halal earning is like a good seed & fertiliser to grow a good crop of children.

Just having children is just the beginning, the real responsibility starts afterwards. Ahmad Jawad


Top Ten Social Challenges in our Society

1. Ability to see good, ability to hear good, ability to say good, ability to do good and ability to adopt good. It might look simple but our ego, our biases, our likes & dislikes prevent us to see good, hear good, say good, do good & adopt good.

2. Any good rather than becoming inspiration for others to follow, it becomes a target of leg pulling. We prefer to envy others but we are reluctant to get inspired by others.

3. Our inability to change ourselves but a strong desire to change everything around us according to our desire creates a big challenge to overall change in society.

4. We don’t want to offer argument but we are quick to pass judgment. Our talk shows & our routine life is full of  judgments & always short of arguments.

5. Our conversation is rejecting opposite argument without offering counter argument.

6. Sunnis in our society get angry if you criticise Saudi Arab and Shia get angry if you criticise Iran but none get angry if somebody criticise Pakistan.

7. We are too miser in admiring success as if by admiring somebody’s success, we will become failures.

8.  We love rumours as much as we love to hope.

9. We breech privacy of others as if it is our birth right to post Mortem anybody’s lifestyle.

10. We are not forward looking, we are always looking back.

Ahmad Jawad


Tayyip Erdogan- A successful Leader & Player

Tayyip Erdogan wants to lead & play his role successfully whether a football match or a fight against CIA. Ahmad Jawad


What is Democracy? What is Dictatorship? Time for Retrospect

There is so much sacred value attached to the word ” Democracy”, I thought I must explore this sacred word which is more believed as a system than even Quran (Nauoz Billah) First I tried to find some reference from Quran but could not find anything about “Democracy or Jhamhoriat”. Second I tried Ahadith but could not find anything more than importance of consultation which is a common value in entire history of various ruling systems of mankind including Kingdom, Communism, Socialism & Democracy. Only level & scope of consultation changes in every system. Now I changed my gear to study the Model Governance System of Khulfai Rashdeen. I came to know that Hazrat Abu Bakr was recommended by Hazrat Umar & endorsed by a few Sahabi & he became ruler. Hazrat Umar became ruler after Hazrar Abu bakr nominated him before death & again endorsed by a few Sahabas. Hazrat Usman became ruler after Hazrat Umar made a 10 member committee before his death to decide the next ruler. Hazrat Ali became ruler through same formula. Later It became more like family dynasty rule till last Islamic empire ended in Sub Continent after the reign of Aurangzeb Alamgir. System for selection of a ruler under entire history of Muslim glory was not democracy but very limited consultation of wise men or simple follow up of family dynasty. Under such governing rule, Islam spread from Medina to become the second largest  religion of the world. Islam saw the glory of Spanish rule, Ottoman Empire, Mughul Empire spread over centuries.Here comes Pakistan and a nation which is most confused nation on the choice of System. Mental Grooming of Pakistani nation started in the lap of British Empire’s Colonial System. Pakistani Nation started referring to British education system, British Governance, British Law, British culture. Later this inspiration became more broad with Western Philosophy rather than just British philosophy. To further garnish mindset of confused Pakistani nation, Two bigger ideas landed into Pakistan: Think Tanks & Foreign media. Think Tanks kept a close look at intellectual & elite group of Pakistanis to influence top decision making while foreign media focused on common man. Both mediums based their philosophy on popular values such as Freedom, Truth, equality, Justice & merit. The incompetence of our rulers & poor choice of our public made both mediums of propaganda to became more reliable & trust worthy. Both mediums( Foreign media & Foreign Think Tanks) together with foreign education system became our major influence. Journey of Print to Electronic media to Social media sped up foreign influence more effective on our lives. Today we refer to Havard, Oxford, New York Times, BBC, CNN, Economist, Wall Street Journal for every explanation, ideas, inspiration, learning, solutions  & guidance. There is nothing wrong to learn from any institution of the world but it is wrong to take overwhelming  influence from foreign institutions for our local system, solutions, decisions & guidance. We are not just Asians, but we are South Asians. We are not just Muslims, we are South Asian Muslims, We must find solutions according to our needs & culture. Level of our backwardness can be gauged from the fact that our Governance can take action against a multi million dollar foreign investment entity on single reporting of New York Times while the whole country is rotten with corruption. Height of our intellectualism starts from a reference from a foreign media & ends with the same. We can’t even explain why we need ” Democracy” without a foreign reference. We can’t create our education curriculum according to our needs, culture & history. We can’t even think without a Think Tank.

In my humble opinion, Democracy is against the nature. See which aspect of your life is true form of democracy. Do we like to take decision with a voting system within family, within a business, within a corporation, within a department or any where. Family decisions are taken by the family head because of his experience & exposure. Business decision are taken by top experts. Finance decisions are made by Finance experts, marketing decisions are made by marketing experts, Education decisions are made by Educationists, Military decisions are made by Military people. The thumb rule to lead a family or business or a corporation or any organisation is your ability, exposure & skill. How come it changes when we want to decide who should rule the country and it is done by voting. Under democracy, A scientist & ignorant, A professor & a student, A PhD or fake PhD, A noble prize & an illiterate, a corrupt & a Judge, a psychopath & a role model, A doctor & fake Hakeem, a murderer & life saver, a philanthropist & a criminal, an angel & devil, a 80 years old & a 18 years old, they all decide with equal power of voting to elect ruler. What will happen in a country which has more corrupt than honest, more criminals than gentlemen, more insane than sane, more illiterate than literate, result will be understood even for a fool.

Here comes our western influenced intellectual, this is how he teaches us ”

“America took hundred years to reach a stable system of democracy, and we readily bow down to such intelligent explanation & we preparing 100 years enlightenment on democracy”.

Did our intellectual or enlightened elite ever questioned ” How Singapore progressed under Lee Kwon within 40 years followed by his son, How did Chinese become second largest economy in 20 years, How Putin raised Russia on the ashes of Soviet Union, how Dubai & UAE progressed, how dictator Tayyip Erdogan raised Turkey from 100 Lira/ dollar to 3 Lira/Dollar, how Mahathir raised Malaysia to become Asian Tiger in 20 years. Never forget to add the 10 years rule of Hazrat Umar in this category. Success of all these countries & Leaders was not result of western democracy, it was their customised system to suit local needs. Leaders of all these Success Stories were Autocrat & Dictators. We hate dictator not because we understand what we hate in dictatorship or autocracy, we hate dictatorship because we have been taught & influenced by West to hate dictatorship in the name of freedom. A freedom which we do not understand always carry boundaries. Freedom is an attractive slogan & especially freedom of expression. Hope is our common friend with all losers. Success comes not with hope but sheer determination & faith in yourself.

Today, Democracy has started biting back the origin of democracy; England. Today England decides to leave European Union through majority vote. Today old population of England  took decision against the wishes of 75 % youth. Today youth of England question how come those people who are left with 10 to 20 years of life can take decision on behalf of those who are left with 50 to 60 years of life. This is best question ever asked from democracy?

Taking a deep breath & thinking without biases & egos enlighten us to explore & find light.
In the last but not least, our society is full of criminals, dishonest, illiterate and psychopaths with smaller sanity than insanity. It is like a jail filled with criminals, illiterate &  dishonest people & we are exercising democracy in the same Jail to choose a leader to turn Jail into heaven. It only results into breaking Jail. Ahmad Jawad

Truth and Humanity see no boundaries

That’s Miko Peled, son of an ex Israeli General, great guy.
The Real Terrorism by Real Terrorists. Stealth Terrorism undetected by One Eyed Western media. Mike Peled, son of an Ex Israeli General. Truth and Humanity see no boundaries of religious divides. Ahmad Jawad


Debate beyond Opinion & Perception

Caution: You can only provide counter statistics but not counter argument.

Opinion & Perceptions might always carry personal biases or hidden agenda and background knowledge on a subject whether it flows from myself or any other individual or CNN or CIA. On a lighter note,If it is a Turkish drama, I recommend Oscars for those who executed & special award for those who has identified the drama. It might also be given the award for best drama in the history of mankind since it involved largest number of actors from all walks of life. Best feature of drama is  few  hundred real time killings, few thousand injuries. Alleged Turkish drama was most expensive since it involved real time Tanks, F16, battle tanks & real ammunition. Alleged Turkish Drama has also allowed to bring a Guide book on” How to execute a Coup” with timing of coup, number of people required in a coup, how to keep the plan confidential among large number of participants. There is a tough competition for the selection of best writers on this Guidebook as too many natural talent has arisen to precisely write a book on ” How to execute a coup”. Musharraf could be the best available from Pakistan as it does not bound you with midnight operation and it requires few Cols and few Majors & few hundred troops, it also gets clapping & welcome signs from audience. It does not involve a single casualty. But Turkish writers could be more entertaining as it involves more action.

Opinions & Perceptions about a political leader always face one challenge: The challenge of truth. But what is truth? World has agreed to define the success of a country & Leaders through statistics of progress & development unless someone reject the global criteria of progress & development & wants to introduce his own criteria on success of a leader & country. I might call Putin or Mahathir or Tayyip or Nawaz Sharif as corrupt because that’s my hatred against them so none works to convince me. Here comes the global standard of success: Mahathir or Putin or Tayyip would qualify this global criteria while Sharif will get stuck not only in this criteria but his tail would be in Panama or UK or Swiss or NAB.

Here is an extract of statistics of progress & development of Turkey under Tayyip Erdogan. Remember it’s not perception or opinion, it’s the global standards. It is not even Turkish drama. Yes it is still not enough to those secular hardliners in Turkey under Atatürkism to accept the truth. This implies hate and bias are stronger than even truth. I just wonder what would have happened to the reality of Karbala or  crucification of Christ or Jang Uhud at the hands of CNN or Social media or opinions & perceptions based on hate & bias. Truth prevails yet it collapse everyday at the altar of bias & hatred. After long introduction, Are you ready now to read each & every statistics below. Caution: Plz remove 3D glasses of opinions, perception & bias before viewing below otherwise you will be demanded to create new World Standard of Success of a country & Leader within 24 hours.

Coup against Erdogan  failed due to these statistics:

1. Turkish economy between 2002 and 2012 caused a growth of 64% in real GDP and a 43% increase in GDP per capita
2. Erdoğan inherited a debt of $23.5 billion to the IMF, which was reduced to $0.9 billion in 2012. He decided not to sign a new deal. Turkey’s debt to the IMF was thus declared to be completely paid and he announced that the IMF could borrow from Turkey.
3. In 2010, five-year credit default swaps for Turkey’s sovereign debt were trading at a record low of 1.17%, below those of nine EU member countries and Russia.
4. In 2002, the Turkish Central Bank had $26.5 billion in reserves. This amount reached $92.2 billion in 2011. During Erdoğan’s leadership, inflation fell from 32% to 9.0% in 2004.
5. Under Erdoğan’s government, the number of airports in Turkey increased from 26 to 50.
6. Between 2002 and 2011, another 13500 km of expressway were built.
7. For the first time in Turkish history, high speed railway lines were constructed, and the country’s high-speed train service began in 2009. [101] In 8 years, 1076 km of railway were built and 5449 km of railway renewed.
8. Erdogan put greater investments into the healthcare system than any predecessor. As part of the reforms, the “Green Card” program, which provides free health benefits to the poor.
9. Erdoğan increased Education spending from 7.5 billion lira in 2002 to 34 billion lira in 2011, the highest share of the national budget given to one ministry and number of universities in Turkey nearly doubled, from 98 in 2002 to 186 in October 2012.
10. In 1996 1$=222 Lira and in 2016  1$=2.94 Lira (even after recent turmoil).


Assets of retired Defense Officers – A clarification

Reference Nation article on property record of Defense officers: Ensuring maintenance of Asset record by every Pakistani is the responsibility of FBR. Unfortunately FBR has only 0.5 % asset record of entire population through Tax return.99.5 % population of Pakistanis are non filers which means what they earn, from where they earn, how much they earn, what are their assets is unknown. Isn’t it scary?

No Govt department holds responsibility for maintenance of property record of retired Govt officials. It is entirely the responsibility of individual under regulation of FBR.


It was not just CNN which failed miserably, it’s our top anchors who were even worse.


Erdogan –  Strongest Leader of Islamic World

Erdogan appeared as strongest leader of Islamic World in a century amid Turkish Ideological fault lines of Atatürkism Vs Türkism.


Erdoğan has emerged as one of the strongest leaders of Muslim world. He has shown unprecedented arrogance to the US, West & Russia. He didn’t offer unconditional compliance to so called leading world leaders. Good relations with Israel and West are closest to the heart of secular elements in Turkey, It is Erdogan’s efforts to create a balance between secularism & Islamic values, which are closest to the hearts of common Turks, that was a source of concerns for Secular forces and their western financiers. Today was a day of relief for Muslims all over the world. Today first time CNN & western media lost to new emerging International media in a major contest of Information Warfare. Globe is indeed changing. Ahmad Jawad

Food for Thought – By Ahmad Jawad

Ten days ago Erdogan announced moving away from the western alliance and improving relation with Syria, a pro-Russian stance. 48 hours after this announcement a coup. Who instigated it I wonder? Ahmad Jawad

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Leadership, Innovation, Freedom & Control travel together

Leadership, Innovation, Freedom & Control travel together with no regard to race, creed, region & Institution.

Leadership comes from heart not from head. This means it’s not your knowledge in the head but your passion in your heart that propels you in life. Indian movie ”PK” is relevant to this statement.

It’s not degree of Harvard that is important, it’s the openness of mind which allows you to conquer world. Bill Gates & Steve Jobs are the two greatest minds in 20th century: Bill Gates was a dropout from Harvard and Steve Jobs did not even complete its bachelor from an ordinary university. Steve Jobs was ahead of Bill Gates because of his diversity in Software, hardware, Music Tech, Smart phone & Animated movies tech simultaneously. While Bill Gates excelled only in software. Steve Jobs is considered as the best marketing brain in 20th century. But it was not his marketing but strong & innovative product which together conquered the world. Steve Jobs gave repeated flop products from 1981 to 1998. Pixar the animated movie company which gave toy story in late 80s was a success after many failures in various types of computers by Steve Jobs. IPOD was the game changer for Steve Jobs. iPhone & later version of MacBook followed in the wake. Steve Jobs died in 2011. There is no new innovation from Apple since 2011 except upgraded versions of IPhone & MacBook. iPod died it’s own death after greatest success story in music industry. Apple today must be full of brains from Harvard & top schools of the world, but where is the innovation at Apple now.

Innovation has now shifted to Elon Musk of Tesla electric Cars after his success stories in Paypal, Solarcity & Space tech. Elon Musk also does not come from Havard.

richWhat is common in all great minds, they are not democratic, they are control freaks and even dictator.

Steve Jobs biological father was a Syrian Muslim. Elon Musk is a South African Immigrant. Innovation can rise from the blood of a Syrian or a South African.

To pay my respect to Harvard, there are many great scientist & brains from Harvard as well. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest among them.

Leadership, Innovation, freedom & Control travel together with no regard to race, creed, region & Institution.

Ahmad Jawad


Clean Chit on Dirty Shit

NAB meets the expectation of those who appoints them, issues clean Chit over old Dirty Shit of Ishaq Dar. Country is not just full of fake degrees but also fake clean chits. Politics is name of gaining powers to turn black into white through clean chits. Happy clean chit.

Ahmad Jawad

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20 billion Cheers for Overseas Pakistanis for sending 20 Billion dollar remittances

20 billion Cheers for OverSeas Pakistanis for sending 20 Billion dollar remittances. It’s about 7 Million Pakistanis abroad who sent 20 Billion $ in a year to a country of 200 Million Pakistanis. Each Pakistani owes 100 US $ to overseas Pakistanis. Thank you overseas Pakistanis for a great contribution to the revenue of Pakistan which relies more on loans from IMF, World Bank, ADB & other countries. Ahmad Jawad

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The Theory of Push Up or Push Down

Did you ever wonder why we use the word for exercise “Push Up” like the one performed by Misbah Ul Haq at Lords. In reality, You never push up, you always push down or Pull up. It shows the phenomenon of human focus of believing “what is visible is right” like ” Seeing is believing”. In this exercise, you are pushing down on floor under you which brings you up as a reaction of action. Despite the exercise is pushing down, we still it Push up. It also gives us a message that your eyes can also be deceived, you should try to see things using your brain with the ability of analysis. This is beyond the Horizon. See things beyond perception. Next time remember Push Down when doing Push ups. Ahmad Jawad

Darkness prevails by nature


Darkness prevails by nature, light needs minds & hands. Let’s give our minds & hands to Light & kill the evils of darkness.

Dark ghosts worried to get exposed with light. Light is powerful to terminate any darkness but Light needs a light house. Darkness prevails by nature, light needs minds & hands. Let’s give our minds & hands to Light & kill the evils of darkness. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah is a lighthouse from distance, let’s close the distances to see more of light. Ahmad Jawad

Black and Red Perceptions

Black and Red Perceptions. World was beautiful before Black turned Red.


Black Oil was flowing & it turned red. It was red for rest of the World, for US it was still black oil. It was loss of peace for the rest of the world, but for US it was victory. It was agriculture chemical, but for US, it was WMD. It was Bush & Tony Oil brotherhood but for others it was blood of Kith & Kin. The world was peaceful & beautiful before black turned Red. Bushes can be red & tony can be exposed. Ahmad Jawad

Democracy is like driving Formula One Race on the sands of a desert


US Ambassador report on the lifestyle of Pakistani in below link is an eye opener. I recommend everybody to read below report to finally know Pakistan.

Interestingly when a Pakistani make such analysis, he is a pessimistic or skeptical.

Question for us: This is the democracy of which we are the guardian?

Like Shavaiz rightly pointed out democracy needs to have some prerequisites. Democracy is like trying to drive Formula One race in the sands of desert. We need to have carpeted roads to drive drive formula one race. Say “No” to democracy till we have revolutionary election reforms, strong judicial system, good education system,100% voting through mandatory voting. A wrong repeated indefinitely won’t make it right.

Time to get out of western influence on our democratic minds, time to devise our own system to our local needs. Ahmad Jawad

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Most amazing incident in the history


Most amazing incident in the history when public stood in front of a Military coup

Such is the massive power of public support to Tayyip Erdogan that first time in the history, military coup is thwarted by public. Erdogan is target of US & Russia both, because of his strong Islamic stance globally & extreme anti Russian stance in Syrian war. Erdogan is a hope of Turkey to find its past glory.

In our country, situation is opposite, public sentiment in favour of Raheel Sharif is  similar like in Turkey for Tayyip Erdogan. Tayyip Erdogan slowly dismantled the military dominance in Govt affairs & kept his focus on development & Governance. In his third tenure, he arrested about 500 senior Defense forces officers under charges of corruption & anti state activities. Many of them got convicted from courts including some Generals.

Tayyip brought back Islamic tradition of Azan in mosque which was banned under Turkish Military, he removed ban on Hijab, he banned mixed hostels of male & females in Turkey besides revival of many other Islamic traditions. His voice in support of Islamic cause internationally is unique in recent history. His achievement to reform & develop Turkey is a great success story starting from Mayor to PM to President. No Muslim leader has been allowed to continue if his voice is more than required at International level. Mahathir of Malaysia was challenged through his own Minister Ibrahim,who got backing from US & West, but failed. King Faisal was killed by his own nephew after he challenged Petro dollar, Bhutto was hanged after he challenged US openly. Qadhafi & Saddam also met their fate after hard anti US posture.

Interestingly, only news channel who is not ready accept that coup has been thwarted is CNN. It is so amusing to see that CNN is unable to declare it a failed coup attempt till 16 July morning.Do CNN knows more than other International media channels  that there are still some strong rebel elements who might be the demonising hope of CNN or it is utter frustration of CNN to find some clues to possible recovery of failed coup or CNN trying to convey indirect message to Rebels not to lose hope. The anchors of CNN including Farid Zakria did their best to grill Deputy PM of Turkey during the interview to leave some loose ends probably to give some encouraging message to losing rebels.

Remember, it’s not just a war on ground, it’s the media warfare by US which is executed on such occasion with an agenda.

Please share this message as much as possible to create awareness on Turkey situation. Pakistani nation must stand with Turkish public & Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey Zindabad.
Pakistan Zindabad.

Ahmad Jawad

Global Wave of Change

After America elected first black President, London elected first Muslim Mayor, Rome has elected first woman Mayor. This shows world is changing. Next stop of change will be first woman President of America in November 2016. Ahmad Jawad

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What a country? What a nation?

Pakistan being run by Dons in UK, Switzerland  & Dubai . Each don leads a political party in Pakistan. What a country? What a nation? Ahmad Jawad

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You cant talk about Kashmir on Facebook

Social Media is freedom of expression but you cant talk about Kashmir on Facebook, Modi feels uncomfortable. Ahmad Jawad

Trashminers risking health to keep body and soul together

While Children search garbage to feed them, our 3rd time democratically elected PM returns in the state sponsored PIA flight with his family. Ahmad Jawad Click here to read full story

India to install Israeli tech along Pak border

After fencing Pak India border, India further secures its borders. Pakistan needs to follow such measures at Pak Afghan Border urgently. Ahmad Jawad

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Govt of India takes steps against Junk food

If smoking is injurious to health, Junk food too is injurious to health, Kerala Govt of India takes steps against Junk food like Denmark & Hungry. Hello Anybody here in Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad  

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Tesla boosts mass market car production

Will Tesla become in auto Industry what was Apple in Mobile phone & laptops. You should not buy any car run on petrol after 2017.Why? Because who buys obsolete technology. Electric cars will start replacing fuel cars after 2017. Ahmad Jawad


Shadows don’t make Leaders


Losers always need a seat next to a fame but winners make their own path. Shadows don’t make Leaders.

You must have seen a certain category of people who can waste hours to be captured next to a celebrity. You must have seen people whose only agenda is how much they get captured next to a celebrity. There is no harm if you get an opportunity to appear next to a celebrity & captured by camera, there is no harm of working with a leader as his associate or his team but there is a lot of harm if most of your time is spent around a celebrity just to get recognition. Such recognition is fake, shallow and would never do any good to your life except bubbles of short span recognition & fame. In the pursuance of such positioning, you lose yourself & become a shadow of celebrity. As soon as celebrity disappear, your only earning of being a shadow is also gone. Remember shadows don’t make leaders.

In our country, people are seen dying to be standing next to a celebrity or even spending their life just to be seen and recognised as a shadow of Celebrity.

This category of people is primarily losers who either cannot accomplish anything significant in life at their own or needs a short cut to recognition.

Celebrity should stay away from such people as they soon turn the celebrity into a sinking Titanic.

Celebrities like Imran Khan & Edhi are leaders of such great fame & recognition that a number of losers try to build their life by appearing close to a Leader.

Edhi on his death bed was such place where our loser politician would appear to catch attention of public. After his death, some people are genuinely suggesting to acknowledge Edhi by naming an airport after him but shadows of fame are even using this opportunity for self projection.

On a different context, Edhi never asked any Govt aid or help for his work in his life. He reached common man for all donations & help. He never needed anything like such symbols in his life, why we are negating his own philosophy & pursuing a corrupt PM to approve new Islamabad Airport named after him. Does he need advocacy for his great work? Does he need our recommendation to acknowledge him? Any sane Govt would acknowledge him even in bigger way, not just an airport? Does it not reflect the smallness of our mind as a nation with such campaign? Is it the best from a nation for the greatest work of humanity? I feel pity for myself and for this nation. Reason is simple, we are all shadows of great people & great work. We were never a nation of deeds & we would never be. We are not ” Amal say Zindagi Banti hai Jannat Bhi Jhahanam Bhi”.  We are nation of words & slogans.

Why don’t we follow Edhi’s work by doing any small philanthropy work and dedicate such work to Edhi or our parents.

If we want to acknowledge Edhi, we need to come up with better ideas to match his greatness.

We are not only financially corrupt nation rather we are an intellectually corrupt & bankrupt nation.

Mother Teresa is not remembered for any road or Airport or city named after her, she is remembered for her great work.

Edhi’s work is his recognition and will stay for ever.He never needed noble prize or any other titles & awards to fuel his work of humanity. He had left behind a vision of humanity, if we want to acknowledge him, Let’s follow his work. Ahmad Jawad


Ayub Khan’s contribution to Pakistan

A fact sheet from history of Pakistan. I wish I could see a similar Pakistan like it was under Ayub Khan. The disaster which started after Ayub Khan has never stopped. Why we are unable to acknowledge contribution of Ayub Khan considering his contributions to Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad

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India food watchdog bans ‘toxic’ bread chemical

Do we have any food safety watchdog after Ayesha Mumtaz was made to go silent after a few months of great campaign on food safety. Will Khadim Punjab or Jeay Bhutto or Naya Pakistan or Sher of Raiwand will pay any attention???? to save our generation from cancer and other diseases coming from unhygienic food. Just for comparison, it is a bigger issue than Panama Leaks or even terrorism because number of deaths and daily damage caused to our population is more than any other cause of damage. Ahmad Jawad

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The vision at “Beyond The Horizon”

One of our primary objective is to gather talented & sincere people from every field at one platform whether Public or Private sector, Military or Civil, Arts or culture, business or entrepreneurship, politics or philanthropy Agriculture or industry, Media or Social Media, Think Tanks or Thinking Tank, men or women, muslim or non Muslim, Punjabi or Baluch or Sindhi or Pathan or Mahajir or Kashmiri, Shia or Sunni, PTI or PMLN, old or young. Together we can contribute towards civilisation & values in our society. Best of all creating the culture of ” Let’s agree to disagree” with the norms of acceptance & tolerance”.

Overseas Pakistan is the bigger treasure than IMF, USAid, World Bank, Saudi Aid & Chinese aid. At our forum, we will contribute towards building bridge between Pakistan & Overseas Pakistanis. Ahmad Jawad

Bye Bye Raheel Sharif, Bye Bye Pakistan

The best General & best Leader will retire in a few months. Foreign agencies with vested agenda in Pakistan & Democratic forces as agents of such foreign forces anxiously looking forward to his retirement to renew their agenda in a country with no dearth of traitors,criminals & corrupt. Individual sparks may never replace the stability of institutions. Bye Bye Raheel Sharif, Bye Bye Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad

Game of Thrones in Turkey

I just hope and pray Turkey does not fall into the trap, Pakistan fell in 80s and never got out completely. Turkey’s success under Tayyip Erdogan is not acceptable to many global powers. Turkey may study Pakistan’s decision making and may learn from  our blunders. We faced Taliban & Turkey is facing Daesh & ISIS. We had Afghan refugees while Turkey has Syrian refugees. We clashed with Soviet Union  with support of unreliable friends like USA. Turkey already had a kiss of death in the air with Russia in support of USA. Turkey may avoid course of collision with neighbouring countries where Islamic extremism is growing. Russia entered Syria but left after tactical objectives achieved without repeating blunder of Afghanistan. Turkey should expand its learning from Pakistan, Russia & China. China is the best example of progressing without any serious conflict & without compromising any of its right whether South China Sea or Taiwan or territorial & maritime disputes with Russia, Japan, India & South Korea. Turkey’s consistent growth in last 15 years can lead Turkey to next level of development & prosperity if Turkey does not step on a mine like Pakistan did in the past. Ahmad Jawad

Will democracy find an answer to this question?

Will democracy find an answer to this question? There is one answer, in case of democracy, foolish things is ownership of 50 Million people, in case of Dictatorship, foolish thing goes to the ownership of one person. Ahmad Jawad


Pakistan is self sufficient in traitors, Corrupt & criminals

We don’t need India or Afghanistan or USA as our enemy, we are self sufficient in traitors, Corrupt & criminals. Ahmad Jawad


Lack of Clarity on CPEC by our Media Wizards

Some media wizards are comparing budget distribution of CPEC as a message of inequality among the provinces. Fact is Gwadar & China are two terminal points of CPEC. Gwadar port is ready, China is ready & both terminal points need to be connected through road network. Gwadar Port will only serve it’s  purpose if  its benefit spread out to all Pakistan & China through road network. So bigger the province, bigger the Road Network.Sorry some media wizards are only seeing things through the bias of provincialism. We should challenge such articles rather than just forwarding. That’s our duty. CPEC transparency & priority to Baluchistan development are valid points but linking it to budget distribution of  CPEC is wrong analogy. Best benefit of CPEC will eventually flow to Gwadar being one of the two terminal points of CPEC. Let’s understand the benefit of CPEC as a nation & fail the agenda of India & USA on CPEC. Ahmad Jawad


5 pieces of Pakistan: The Breakers & Stoppers.

Anybody in doubt who is behind destabilising Pakistan should see this video. Anybody who has negative emotions against Army & ISI, must realise its only Army & ISI which are standing in front of these foreign forces who are conspiring to break Pakistan into pieces. Our sold democratic forces of Pakistan would have presented 4 to 5 pieces of Pakistan to USA & India in a plate long ago if it was not Army or ISI.Sharifs would be happy with one part of Punjab, Zardari would be happy with Sindh, MQM ready for Karachi, ANP ready to deal on KPK, for Baluchistan, sellers are already negotiating since years. Ahmad Jawad


Great initiative by Centaurus to exhibit sacred artifacts of Islamic History.

Pakistani Islamic Museum is a rare & unique thing as local authorities in Saudi Arabia do not allow preservation of such heritage, it is very hard to find all symbols, Artifacts & visual identification of Islamic history during the time of Holy Prophet & Khulfa E Rashdeen. Only place in the world where you can find such symbols & artifacts  is Topkapi Istanbul Turkey. With such rich Islamic history, we can’t show our generation anything about our Islamic history neither through movies nor Museums. There is never a better impact than ” Seeing is believing”.

I highly appreciate the initiative of Sardar Tanveer of Centaurus for bringing first time something from Islamic history on display. May Allah give him Jaza for such noble action. Ahmad Jawad


A nation grown under great influence of West finally needs other side of story

We have been grown under the influence of CNN, BBC, Western Think Tanks, Western Aid,Western culture, Western technology,Hollywood movies/dramas & Western education which leave great influence on our thoughts and ideas. It’s time to watch RT(Russian TV), DW(German TV),Press TV(Iran TV), CCTV(China TV) to hear a different point of view. Our Pakistani media has to learn a lot from these channels to meet international standards.Social Media is also an opportunity to bring the views from those who were never part of discussion. Ahmad Jawad


Best speech on Afghan issue from Pakistan’s perspective

This could be one of the best speech on Afghan issue from Pakistan’s perspective by Gen Ehsan Ul Haq. Did our two advisers on Foreign Ministry Sartaj Aziz or Fatimi ever presented such kind of speech to defend Pakistan on Afghan issue. Why do we have competent people in Army more than any other institutions, if there are, why are not they visible. Yes once we had people like Agha Shahi, AG N Kazi, Dr MahboobUl Haq & likes. Ahmad Jawad

Foreign Aid or Overseas Pakistanis Aid: What is our choice?


See how media & nation rejoice on this news. Foreign aid is a curse not help. Imagine our rejoicing over 200 Million gain in aid. Our overseas Pakistanis send more than 1 Billion $ every month, this can double if Government & Media start recognising them & start facilitating them. We submit our honour, pride & efforts for 200 Million $ foreign aid but we cannot take help from our own Pakistanis settled in foreign countries. Ahmad Jawad


Art of Water Diplomacy in a Desert


You cannot sell water on a rainy day but you can sell water in a desert.

Art of diplomacy is name of negotiating stakes. We cannot negotiate if we don’t hold higher grounds of stakes. As a nation we wasted 5 years under Gen Kiyani & Zardari only to shy  away from gaining higher grounds of stakes and kept the nation in agony & fear that military action was not suitable against Taliban. Nawaz Sharif wasted another year before Raheel Sharif started Zarb Azab & rest is history for nation to find relief and take pride.

We have wasted 15 years to gain higher stakes in negotiating with Afghanistan.We kept fearing clash with neighbour & kept requesting Afghanistan to behave. Result is in front of us. If you want to negotiate with Afghanistan, first gain higher grounds of stakes. Higher grounds of stakes can be building wall at Pak Afghan border, building check posts, implementing tough visa restrictions on Afghans, Implementing trade restrictions, sending Afghan back to their homes, Closing Afghan embassy & closing Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan. Once you have done this, offer negotiations. From here starts the Art of water Diplomacy in a desert. Ahmad Jawad

Find the reason to rise n shine today or never

images (1)

We have reached to the stage of Bahadur Shah Zafar & end of Mughal Empire. Our rulers are like Bahadur Shah Zafar & our nation is like Muslims in the last stage of Islamic rule in Spain. Our enemies are competent, sincere to their nation, aggressive, organised, visionary & smart. Tell me a single reason why should we survive in these conditions?

Yes there is one reason that we can survive: that we don’t rise late enough like 1857 rather we rise n shine today. It’s already too late. You cannot succeed with 1000 CPEC if you are led by Bahadur Shah Zafar & you are a nation from last days of Islamic rule in Spain. Find the reason to rise n shine today or never. For better understanding, read article in below link by an unknown writer. Ahmad Jawad


GHQ stresses need for sufficient safe POL strategic reserves

Army knows the strategic needs of oil reserves, but Civil democratic Govt is as incompetent as always to realise dynamics of survival in case of crisis – Ahmad Jawad


Judiciary in the eyes of a common man

For a common man, judiciary has no concern to address world’s biggest financial scam of Panama Leaks & its responsibility ends with few objections on ToRs. Does judiciary function under ToRs to take notice of biggest financial scandal? What a helpless judiciary?

Common man also see the active & powerful role of judiciary when it comes to halting execution of terrorists.Judiciary feels insecure and unable to pass judgment on cases of terrorism. Yet Judiciary does not allow Military Courts to perform the function judiciary is unable to perform.

Should nation suffer because judiciary is unable to face the challenges of terrorism & corruption in the country?

Did judiciary explain to nation the names of Judges appeared in Panama Leaks?Is judiciary above any explanation & accountability?

Many questions but no answers but a deep sleep for the nation. Ahmad Jawad.




Funeral of Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali funeral brought all religions under the bond of solidarity at one place.Such was power of his charisma & a status of global champion of Human rights – Ahmad Jawad.

What was so easily understandable to Singaporeans is never understood by Pakistanis

Lee Kuan Yew has always put Singapore’s interest FIRST.
Nobody, nothing is being allowed to post a threat to disrupt or destabilize Singapore.

His message to his nation:

Before you lend your support to anyone’s agenda, ask yourself: where does their ‘interest’ lie?
Are they really doing things for your (Singaporeans) benefits?
Or are they doing it for their own personal benefits?

There has always been people out there (both from outside the country and within the country) to undermine Singapore.

If you do not keep your eyes open, you will be mislead, shoot yourself in the foot, and ruin your children’s future.

In Pakistan, those who have already created their back ups in UK, Dubai, have no stakes in Pakistan. If Pakistan goes down, they won’t go down. Singaporean could understand this easily but Pakistanis has never learnt this. That is why all leadership of major parties with the exception of PTI won’t go down if Pakistan goes down, they would only fly away to their safe heavens. Alas! Our nation is naive to understand this simple idea. Ahmad Jawad


Misconception over flow of foreign aid during dictatorship in Pakistan


For us, foreign aid means primarily US or US sponsored Aid. Such aid has nothing to do with the status of dictatorship or democracy in Pakistan, it comes with a pure US Cause. In 80s, US Cause was US war against Soviet Union.In 2000s, it was US war against Terrorism. During 60s, at height of Cold War, Pakistan was US ally opposite to India who was an ally of Soviet Union, so US had no choice.
Only era of 60s was a relationship of equal partnership between US & Pakistan. Ahmad Jawad


Why do we need Foreign Embassies & Missions?

Looking at our failed foreign diplomacy & poor image in the world, why do we need most expensive foreign missions, it’s better to abolish all Pakistani embassies in the world and ask capable overseas Pakistanis to start representing Pakistan, I assure you they would do a much better job. With embassy of every country in Islamabad, why do we need such heavy & useless foreign missions for diplomatic relationship, it can be done right here in Islamabad. Only a One window NADRA office handling visa is enough to look after overseas Pakistanis issues back home or issuance of visa to foreigners. Let’s get rid of such useless entities. Ahmad Jawad


Pakistan “Made in USA”


Today’s Pakistan is not the one which was dreamed by Allama Iqbal, realized by Quaid Azam & hoped by the muslims of subcontinent. This Pakistan is no more “Made in Pakistan”, This Pakistan is “Made in USA, UK, Dubai & Saudi Arabia”. Ahmad Jawad


Anarchy or Revolution

Such video is not something we should promote but anarchy or revolution does not come as a choice, it just happens after many alarms. Is it one of those alarms? Ahmad Jawad


Pakistan’s Perceived Encirclement

Everybody seems to agree with the article of Amb Masood Khan ( but do we see the slightest hint of such understanding by our ailing PM or oldest Sartaj Aziz or lost presence of Fatimi. Encirclement becomes easy if the victims of encirclement are either sleeping or naive or incompetent. Nation is betting too much on Raheel Sharif. Raheel Sharif has done miracles which were not possible by Britain or Soviet Union or US or NATO in this region. The time of miracles by Raheel sharif is running out fast, neither the nation nor the civilian Govt has shown little resilience to such hostile encirclement. Nation not aware to its challenges & threats get lost in the history. Ahmad Jawad.


Everything touched by America in the name of peace

Everything touched by America in the name of peace was a destruction starting from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria & list is not yet complete. Then, why Americans wonder about hate against them. See the video from an American for the Americans. Ahmad Jawad



BTH Digital Prediction – 1 June 2016



Why world famous terrorists are caught or killed in Pakistan?

Answer: Poor governance resulting from corruption in institutions like NADRA, FIA, NAB, FBR, IB, Police, security departments & Judiciary make Pakistan heaven for criminals & terrorists. Ahmad Jawad



Nation Living in Reality Distortion Field


In Pakistan, Brand Power of every political party does not stem from party itself but “The Leader of the Party”. Mostly constituencies win or lose not because of individual brand but brand of “The Leader”.For example PML N is Nawaz Sharif,MQM is Altaf Hussain,PTI is Imran Khan,PPP is Bhutto.This allows “The Leaders” to gain a position which demands personal loyalty than an individual opinion. In a way, every political party is the biggest evidence of dictatorship.While as a nation who lives in “Reality Distortion Field” than “Reality”, we are happy to be living in a symbolic democracy & Pakistan Zindabad is our last word of discussion. Ahmad Jawad

Reality Check on over Optimism – By Ahmad Jawad


My two cents on over optimistic article of a Pakistani going around on Social Media over collapse of Pakistan though I respect his opinion.

Spanish rule of Muslim took 800 yrs to collapse, Ottoman Empire took 240 yrs to collapse. Russian empire took 200 yrs to collapse. Which country has disappeared in our living memory? Answer is none. Yes Germany, Korea, India, Pakistan & others were divided into parts but did not collapse. What actually we mean by “Collapse”. Iraq, Lybia, Soviet Union, Syria, Afghanistan can be taken as examples of collapse. Taking USA, Israel, EU as example of collapse is like living in fool’s paradise, instead they are the provider of  majority of technology & controller of global economics. Greece, Spain are facing financial challenges but still better than any Islamic country including Pakistan in economy, Revenue or Human resource development.

In my opinion the collapse is when Justice & merit is gone, Majority die of hunger,thirst or lack of health facilities while elites enjoy & inform we are not yet collapsed. For the people of Thar, it’s collapsed since long, for the Rural Sindh,Punjab,KPK & Baluchistan, it’s collapsed since long. For those who witnessed fall of East Pakistan, It was collapsed in 1971.

We are a nation who waits somebody comes from heaven to raise the country. Hope is our best thought and it sells just like fairy tales sells among children. I don’t sell fairy tales and consider my nation to be grown ups and children. I am not predicting Pakistan will collapse or not. I want my nation to know and accept that we are one of the worst nation & country in any human development index criteria or economic indicator in the world. If you wish to disagree, please change the criteria of Human development or economic indicators. I want to inform my nation, despite our worst performance, we are a nation of great potential. Sparks of our potential is seen here and there, On and Off in the form of Quaid Azam, Allama Iqbal, Edhi, Imran Khan, Jehangir Khan, Dr Abdus Salam, Dr Abdul Qadir, Raheel Sharif and many others. Nations don’t progress with brief sparks, they progress with fire of reality, determination, passion, sincerity, hard work and unity. Pakistan Zindabad.

Ahmad Jawad.


Foreign Controlled Politics of Pakistan


Unfortunately, Pakistani politics is controlled from US, UK, Dubai, Saudia, India and Iran Each of these foreign countries has its political agents & agenda in Pakistan.Only country which deals with Pakistan instead of political agents is China.Perhaps second example is Turkey. Our country has become a wrestling ring like WWF (World Wrestling Federation) which holds fixed Wrestling. Just like WWF audience is fond of actions,blood and thrill in such fights,our public has also become addicted to similar fixed political wrestling. We have political wrestlers sponsored by each of these foreign countries. Results of matches are also sponsored & fixed.In between, a genuine wrestler enters for genuine wrestling but the entire wrestling mafia get together to throw the odd entry of genuine wrestler who refuse to be sponsored. WWF of Pakistan is commercially viable due to its sponsors & spectators.

Ahmad Jawad

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