Sorry Correction


By Ahmad Jawad

Tayyip Erdogan demanding Fatiullah Gollen from USA.

Its like Pakistan has been demanding Fazlullah from Afghanistan.

Sorry correction Raheel Sharif is demanding Fazlullah.

Sorry correction. Raheel Sharif cannot demand because we love democracy & in democracy, only PM or Foreign Minister can demand.

Sorry correction we don’t have a Foreign Minister & PM is under heart Periodic Maintenance Cycle(PMC).

Sorry correction, Foreign policy is made at GHQ.

Sorry correction, No need of Foreign policy, we are making Metro to fight terrorism & poverty.

Sorry correction, US says Pakistan not doing enough to counter terrorism. So more Metros required.

Conclusion: Democracy is must for country. Sharif or Zardari are two choices under democracy. Take it or leave it.

Sorry correction, PTI is third choice in democracy.