Speculation on Dollar – We are under attack.


Speculation on Dollar – We are under attack.

By Ahmad Jawad

People are speculating IMF as reason of dollar escalation.

But what IMF has to do with this? No agreement has been agreed or signed so far.

Till the time foreign currency exchange is not regulated, dollar can go uncontrolled anytime.

Just buy 50-100 million dollar from open market in one day, guess what will be result?

Who will buy such crazy dollar shopping? From Sharifs to Zardari to corrupt tycoons, black money holders & International economic hitmen, all can perform such crazy shopping of dollar.


Dollar will be short in market. This buying/selling is never in radar screen.

Our dear Country is not just vulnerable to security threats, it is equally vulnerable to multiple economic hits

With corrupt or incompetent bureaucracy, politicians, LEAs, Judiciary & NAB, fiscal control is not an easy task.

If a few billions are found in a Faluda Wala Account, do we think it takes months of investigation? It is a matter of 48 hours investigation to find the beneficiary. Money does not rain into bank accounts, it is deposited into an account by a person, an account which is opened after proper authentication.

Anyone doubts that? Try taking just a few million Rupees cash to deposit in a bank, Bank staff will ask one dozen questions.

Does anybody thinks Ishaq Dar was brilliance, and Asad Umar is incompetence, he is badly mistaken.

Pakistan is under attack on all soft targets. Such soft targets range from security to economy.

From Sami Ul Haq murder to Dawar murder to Chinese embassy attack to 35 killing at Orakzai, do we think we are safe? there is no security breach? there is no incompetence? Sorry our security is breached badly.

Same goes to economic breech. From state bank to FBR to EAC to local banks, there are financial breeches in abundance.

Unfortunately PTI has to rely on old system & old players ( bureaucracy) to kill the same old system & old players. It’s like hiring killers to kill the same killers.This has never happened before, it won’t happen again.

PTI needs a new managment squad at all vulnerable security & economic positions of this country.

Our disease cannot be cured by experts alone but it can be cured by sincere, honest, committed, passionate
and clear minds.

We just need to open the door well blocked by bureaucracy & those who become part of same door blockers to enjoy comfort zones.