Tale of corruption by Cdre (R) Sajjad Haider


Air Comdr (Retd) Sajjad Haider writes :

Which judicial system has brought back one black cent from the time of Ayub sons, Bhutto touts, Benazir, Agosta Submarine deal, Zardari billions, Rental Raja, Gilani his wife and sons, Choud. Shujaat and Parvez Ilahi Co operative millions looted, Moonis Ilahi  multi billion  land scams, motorway kick backs and hotels in Thailand, Amin Fahim, his tout the Dubai girlie club manager Niazi supplanted head of Pak Insurance CEO who funneled crores in Fahim acct. For which he was caught. Asim crook Hussain; Ayan Ali, Makhdoom in Efedrine imbroglio, Nawaz son in Parklane and half of London property ownership unexplained, the CMs of Sindh, punjab and frontier etc in PPP time & now Sindhi opiated Shah and hat trick master Showbaz. No one has been sent and kept in hard labour cells ever. So what justice system or that infamy branded Pakistani  Wench called democracy and that holistically amended Aeen which has no connect with the multitudes but  amended to become an evil to protect n promote criminals juxtaposed  as parliamentarians and institutionalize Corruption and nepotism.
This above is response to a gentleman suggesting recourse to justice system for all evils of these fascist in power.

Courtesy: Social Media