‘Why do those talking about Mayfair flats avoid Surrey Palace?’


Assets of all parliamentarians should be probed

Nisar says Aitzaz, Khursheed will be hurt when inquiry starts against them; rules out PTI gathering at D-Chowk, F-9

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday questioned why those who talk about the Mayfair flats do not touch upon the Surrey Palace. Coming down hard on the opposition, he said Aitzaz Ahsan and Khursheed Shah, opposition leaders in the Senate and the National Assembly respectively, would be hurt badly when an investigation starts against them.

About the investigation into the Panama Leaks, he said an audit of assets of all parliamentarians should be conducted. He said Aitzaz should look at his party leadership ahead of hurling allegations at the PML-N leadership.

Addressing a press conference at the Punjab House, the interior minister said all parliamentarians should offer themselves voluntarily for accountability adding that an ‘Ethics Committee’ should be constituted to investigate assets of all parliamentarians sitting on government and opposition benches. The minister offered his accountability.

On the speech of Aitzaz in the joint sitting of the parliament, Nisar said, “Aitaz should name his party leaders who first denied ownership of Surrey palace and later accepted it in a court of London before commenting about Mayfair Flats. Aizaz should name all those who hide their assets.”

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif never hid ownership of flats in London, as there are scores of instances when party meetings were held at these flats and even PPP Chairman Benazir Bhutto visited these flats formulating ‘Charter of Democracy’ along with PML-N leadership, said Nisar.

To investigate money laundering and cyber crime; there are very well known and able officers in FIA, he said. He said he respects Shoab Suddle but he is not an official of FIA, adding that he has left for Imran Khan to nominate any official of FIA to investigate Panama Papers.

The minister said, “We are committed to solve mystery of off-shore companies to its logical end and instead of coining allegations and threats, we should move forward to reveal reality of these off-shore companies.” Talking on rhetoric of PTI leadership to stage party procession in F-9 Park on April 24, the interior minister said that the government cannot allow any political gathering at D-Chowk or F-9 Park.

One should not make processions in Islamabad as protection of capital city is responsibility of each and every citizen. He said Islamabad is face of Pakistan in the world and if it gets closed frequently for processions and sit-ins, how “we will be judged in the world”. Citizens of capital city, thousands of students and business community have to suffer due to closure of Islamabad owing to these processions and sit-ins.

“This issue is not political or personal rather it is an issue of rights of citizens of Islamabad, security of important and sensitive buildings and also it relates to respect and image of Pakistan,” he said.

Such a situation also causes suspension of mobile phone services due to which people and business suffer. “This matter relates to writ of the government. We should let peace and sanity prevail and sort out issues with dialogues. We should move forward from politics of objection, threats and rallies and should rather focus on resolution of issues,” Nisar said.

The minister said that he has no reservations to meeting with PTI Chairman Imran Khan to devise mechanism to ensure freedom and rights of people of Islamabad as people as well as business community of the capital city have to suffer enormously owing to sit-in protests in Islamabad.

If any place has been specified for processions and sit-ins in federal capital, then one should guarantee that their procession will not cross limits, he said. If protesting people crossed their defined space and any casualty happened in police action, then organisers will be held responsible, said Nisar.

Commenting on recent sit-in, the minister said that what sort of “abusive garbage” was hurled was very shameful for religious representatives. These people violated their written agreement and they presented themselves as faithful of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The minister said details relating to off-shore companies will be made public after their investigations, adding that 34 off-shore companies have also been formed by PPP leaders. He said that he had demonstrated patience during speech of Aitzaz earlier in 2015 under influence by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He said he would straightforwardly reply allegations of the opposition leader in Senate and is also waiting for speech of the opposition leader of National Assembly on Panama Papers. He said he who makes embezzlements does not register companies in his name or in the name of his their family members.