Thoughts of a young boy in Pakistan.


I want to meet a terrorist one day, I want to meet him about an hour before he goes and blows himself up in a crowded place filled with  innocent people going about their day. I want to ask them in depth how they think killing people who have done nothing to him will take them to “heaven”. I want to ask them what guarantee he has that there will be paradise waiting on the other side & not the souls of people who he has just killed? .. I want to ask him the name of the God who will accept his “sacrifice” I want to know who his parents were? I want to ask him if he would be happy to see his own mother blown up in 7 different pieces if someone like him blew her up? I want to ask him the name of the person who promised him paradise for doing this? I want to ask him why that person isn’t sitting in paradise right now if that is how you get to Paradise? I just want to understand…

Courtesy: Social Media