Top Twelve diffusing steps before Panama Decision:


1. PSL to diffuse political heat against Sharifs due to Panama. Result: 8/10.

2. Accelerate CPEC and Gwadar hype to reflect progress under Sharifs. Result: 7/10.

3.Daughter for foreign lobbying and help. Result: 9/10.

4. ECP to reject disqualification case against Imran Khan & Jehangir Tareen to justify indiscriminate justice for PTI & PMLN. Result: 10/10.

5. Military Courts and Haqqani issue to drag for News distraction. 7/10.

6. Grounds prepared to ban selected social media forums to execute ban at short notice but under religious reasons. 9/10.

7. Census in progress as a hallmark of accomplishment will keep the News engaged for sometimes. 7/10.

8. 23 March a display of national unity and political display of control. 8/10.

9. A Terror attack is expected depending upon the situation.

10. Federal Public Promotion Board decisions by PM cancelled by SC. A testament of Independent judiciary. Result: 8/10

11.Some popular themed Court decisions & notices will take place e.g to diffuse public outcry after Panama decision.

12. Maryum Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz to stay low profile. Result: 8/10.