Turkish & Pakistanis two brothers – One Good & One Bad


By Ahmad Jawad

Turkey is not simply lucky to have history of Ottoman Empire & leaders like Attaturk & Tayyip Erdogan. It’s because Turkish nation has the genes of becoming great & ability to recognize, inspire, preserve  & value glory.

Pakistanis do not either has that history or we don’t accept our history of few glories. Quaid-e-Azam never had the chance to govern the country. Glory of great success story of Economy & Governance under Ayub Khan get clouded under unnecessary debate of dictatorship. Bhutto was a sample of political shrewdness & international relations but himself stepped on a minefield. Rest is incompetence, flawed vision, corrupt family legacy and worst form of democracy.

Let’s try to find ourselves in below statement, if we don’t find our-self, it is not coincident.

“Leaders are reflection of a nation.Media is mirror of nation. Nation is product of its history. History is a matter of recognition & inspiration”.

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