“Two Pakistans”- One Dream, One Reality.


“I am Pakistan”by PMLN


I am Pakistan by Hasan Nisar

There is one Pakistan by PMLN seen through an expensive video made at Govt expense to fool a befooled nation. A nation which was shown Vision 2020 in 1998 and Vision 2025 in 2015. Neither last Vision materialised nor the next will see any light. It’s a good trick always show a dream 10 years ahead and engage the nation for dreams for which nobody would be answerable.

Here is One Pakistan by Hasan Nisar without any graphic or niche production, this Pakistan shouts, cries, reminds, warns the nation repeatedly but a few claps and few moments of acknowledgment is its fate. There is something genetically wrong with this part of people.

One is a dream, one is reality. If we made a wrong choice for ourselves, let’s not make a wrong choice for our children.Lets rectify our history.