By Dr Humayun

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

SIXTH ACTION which I have to do is PATIENCE ,which is the most difficult thing to have and if I don’t have it, it is very very difficult to achieve it and takes longer time to achieve, as human being by nature is impatience

There are three situations in which Allah(SBT) wants me to be patient

1: Extreme poverty, it is very difficult to practice this part, but believer is the one who have to do it .What is the benefit to the others if believer is poor and has patience

a: Believer will never be a beggar , the only thing which he begs for is the knowledge

b: Will do everything to please Allah(SBT) , and will become example to the others for his/her patience

c: Believer will always be looking to get knowledge , the other two powers ( money and physical might) will always follow it and that will help him/her to become successful (this is very very important topic , will discuss in detail when I will explain Aya no 31 of this Surah )
This also stresses the importance that, as I mentioned in the second action that change is brought by powerful people(who have knowledge, money and physical might).

If the people /society/country who have the power , become believer then the humanity gets benefits, otherwise the chaos is the order of the day in the long term, poor people how strong they can be in their believe, will get suppressed and may get eliminated and will not be able to impress the middle class, as middle class is always looking to become rich and want tobecome powerful.

Exception to this principle is the prophets from Allah(SBT), as we learn from Qur’an . But brothers and sisters there’s no more prophet to come but change has to come

I will only quote one very popular Hadith of prophet (PBUH),it is not the exact translation of this Hadith but close meanings are {(Oh Allah help Islam with one of the two men ,Umar ibn Khattab (RA)or prophet(PBUH) uncle)}

It is very important Hadith which has lot of political and social messages. I do not want to spend lot of time on it , because I will deviate from my topic, two questions will explain my point

a: Did prophet (PBUH) and Allah (SBT) need, Umar (RA)

b: Who was Umar (RA)what’s is the importance of Umar (RA) in Islamic history , read hundred most influential persons of history by Michael H Hart. The reason I gave example of Umar RA, is that all the modern democracies of today are based on the principles which were introduced by him

These two questions will explain that as no prophet is going to come, so change will be brought by powerful people

2: Patience in sickness

This is again message and example for the others, as a physician I know that it helps to triage the patients who need the priority , thus benefiting the others

3: Patience when fighting for the cause of Allah (SBT).
When the society who will become believer and try to practice it’s belief, there will be opposition and resistance, then I will have to be patient, with the belief that Allah (SBT) will help

So in summary there are six compulsory actions which as a believer I have to do to become muttaqee

1: Verbal sayings that I believe in Allah (SBT), day of judgement, the angels, the books and prophets

2: Spending my wealth (money/knowledge) in the sequence as prescribed

3: Keep my prayers

4: Zakat

5: Keeping my promises (truthful)

6: Keeping patience ( when I am poor, sick and fighting for cause of Allah.

I thank all brothers and sisters who will guide me if I have made a mistake and will welcome any suggestions.

Inshaallah will start ayas from 3 to 176 of Sura al Baqara in the next topics