By Dr Humayun

بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Asaalamo alaikum

I want to use this forum to share my views and understanding of Qur’an. As a student of Qur’an I am looking for guidance, opinion of this forum and will welcome criticism. I feel with out understanding Qur’an , I myself and the human beings as a whole have no chance of success in this life and the life hereafter.

Before we start understanding Qur’an further I have few important questions and observations which I will like to share .These questions came to my mind , puzzled me , particularly when I came to west and I started reading this book and Allah(SBT) helped me , here are my observations.

1: Is it not true that Qur’an is the most read book in the world.

2: Is it not true that Qur’an is read by most of the people without meaning or understanding.

3: If I believe that this is word of my creator, should I not know what is he saying to me.

4: Is it written any where in Quran that only certain people are allowed to read it and understand it.

5: As it has been proved that this is the only revelation that is left unchanged on the face of the earth ,then I have to understand it and keep in mind that it is for whole humanity and no other book to come after it,but guidance is only for muttaqeen.

6: If this is the book of creator (Allah SBT), which it’s, then where are we in this world, obviously have no role in the world.

7: Why the Muslim after prophet (PBUH) were successful, in this world.

There are few philosophical and very basic questions which will take us forward, if we try to understand them and these helped me to understand Qur’an. If we don’t understand these questions, my view is ,one can not understand the message of Allah(SBT) in true sense.

These are

1: The humans are either male or female (few intersex )are we male or female by choice.

2: Each human with the exception of [(Adam PBUH,Hawwa and Jesus(PBUH)], has parents, do we have parents of our choice.

3: I have a date of birth, is this my choice.

4: I have a place of birth, is this my choice.

5: I have shape , colour of my body is this my choice.

6: I start speaking a language called my native language, is this my choice.

7: I have to go from this world, is the date of death my choice.

These seven questions absolutely shattered the concept of my belief when I arrived in west with a certain ( taught) understanding of belief.

I found out from Qur’an that the last five questions, I have no choice, these are my creator choices for me and for everyone, but first two questions were very puzzling, and made me wondering here and there,

The reasons which made me start thinking were

1: If this is not my choice to be male or female, then why there’s clear job division between male and female as described in Qur’an and Hadith.

2: If parents selection is not by choice then on face value this is not a level playing field for me and the child born to a non Muslim parents.

If , as I was told that by doing certain rituals,I will go to heaven and the person who doesn’t do those will go to hell fire.

On the face to me it looked unfair because of the obvious advantage of being born in Muslim family.

Then why it was decided that I will come to Muslim family and he or she will go to non Muslim family.

I will invite you to have questions and your views. As Qur,an is the book of my creator, and is the only book to guide humanity, if I don’t understand it , it’s like I have parents who want to help me and see me successful, but I don’t know their language .How much sincere they may be to me or obedient I might be to them , it is bound to cause misunderstanding, very very likely failure for me and this is going upset them.

Allah(SBT) is our creator, our parents are only means of us bringing to this world, he gets upset if I don’t understand when he tries to guide me like our parents who want us to be successful, (mostly the parameters of success are chosen by our parents or taken from the society where we live).

Allah(SBT) is creator of human, so the parameters are set by him.

These two questions, I will answer inshaallah, as we go along and try to understand the Aya’s from 3 to 176 of al Baqraa

There’s also another question what’s is logical reason of Muhammad PBUM is the last prophet of Allah SBT, my view is

What is the purpose of a prophet coming to this world?

I think there are three purposes of a prophet , particularly in the context of Muhammad PBUM

1: To inform the human beings about the Message of Allah SBT, as Qur’an is the last Message and it has been proved by the non Muslim historians that This Message is unaltered since It’s revelation, so we don’t need any further prophet.

2: To explain the principles of the Message and show these to the believers, we have our Beloved Prophet PBUM Sunna preserved in the form of Hadith, so don’t need any new prophet.

3: Third and the last purpose is to impose the law of Allah SBT on the earth and eradicate the laws which exploit the humanity.

With these questions, observations, I tried to understand the implications of Qur’an in today’s life.

Being student of Qur’an.I am open to opinions and criticism , let’s start with concept of success in the light of Qur’an