USA Television trying to fool Pakistanis on visa free policy for the US


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A rather unknown website by the name of “USA Television” has posted the news of Donald Trump taking the decision to give visa-free access to Pakistanis willing to visit the states. Though the news carry no ounce of authenticity, it has spread like a wild-fire around the country, with ignorant Pakistanis rejoicing the news of visa-free travelling.

The website in its blog post states:

The new order, serving as a change in visa policy for Pakistanis traveling to the United States, would permit them stay in the US for a maximum period of 180 days for Tourism or Business purposes only. Stay over 180 days would therefore require a visa.”

Here is the link of the website:

Donald Trump signs a visa-free travel policy for Pakistan

The website further went on to state that Donald Trump has taken this decision to strengthen the relationship between two countries.

However, I would like to make this crystal clear that this website, USA Television, is entirely based on the policy of ‘clickbait’ or ‘yellow’ journalism with news that carry no weightage. Thus, no one should believe what they have to say, as the site has mastered in spreading the fake news like a fire. There should be a check and balance against such websites, which are so easily spreading fake news and viral content. The authorities should completely ban these sites immediately.

On the other hand, you would be living in a fool’s paradise if you believe that Trump would so easily work for solidifying the bond between the US and Pakistan. At least in Trump’s tenure, one should not expect to be provided with perks, as he is the same person who took the decision to ban Muslims and has also spewed so much hatred towards Pakistan. There could only be a miracle that could force Trump to take such a decision.