Dear All, i am sharing this message as Sadqa-e-Jariya !
One of my cousins had got cancer last year and that cancer reached to stage III. His immediate treatment was started from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore but he was not recovering properly, we were very tensed and did alot of prayers but he was in a same condition. Then some one told us about a Doctor who has his own made cancer herbal medicine which kills any type of cancer in a few weeks. We contacted that Doctor and he sent us medicines for my cousin. Believe me after 3 weeks his cancer backed to stage I and after a week more there was NO Cancer in his CT reports, i repeat there was NO CANCER AT ALL! Alhamdulillah. We really thanked to ALLAH and that doctor. His name is ”Dr. Asif (Cancer Herbalist)” & his contact number is +923129857785, his clinic name is ”Shifa Cancer Clinic.”If anyone have cancer then i suggest that person to contact with believe me his medicine are really a magic.
Please share this message as Sadqa-e-Jariya to help and save humans lives.
I just copy and paste it in this group 🙂