What a country? What a nation?


By Ahmad Jawad

Pakistan being run by Dons in UK, Switzerland  & Dubai . Each don leads a political party in Pakistan. What a country? What a nation?

Political party leadership residing abroad creating unrest in Karachi

Provocative speeches and statements made by the leadership of a political party residing abroad have been creating a challenging situation for peace in the city, a statement by the Sindh Rangers said.

In such speeches, a special group and students have been instigated to perpetrate attacks against state institutions, media organisations, traders and artists so as to spread lawlessness.

The paramilitary force shall provide full security to all the media houses and shopping centres.

The Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) have been continuing to take actions against such elements who have been bent upon spreading lawlessness in the city of Karachi. In this regard, full security cover would be provided to the sections of society who have been threatened.

The Rangers said all the shopping centres and media houses are being provided special security cover while the Rangers and police should be contacted wherever more security contingents are required.

The public should provide assistance to the security agencies for arresting suspicious elements. Information regarding such elements could be provided to Rangers Madadgar Whatsapp number 0316-2369996 or at email addressrangers.madadgar@gmail.com or at helpline number 1101.