By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ”Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/ and can be contacted at “pakistan.bth@gmail.com”

1. Gen Zia/Gen Kayani/ picked you & made you Finance Minister/CM. Later Gen Aslam Baig/Gen Kayani helped you to become PM three times. NAWAZ SHARIF. 
2. Your wife got killed & her fabricated “Will” made you President of Pakistan – ZARDARI
3. You were having great time as daughter of PM and suddenly became heir of Nawaz Sharif political legacy. MARYUM NAWAZ. 
4. You were having dance parties at Oxford University and your father pushed you into Jalsas and notified you Chairman of his political party – BILAWAL BHUTTO. 
5. You took over country on gun point with a promise of elections within 90 days and you ruled for 11 years until your plane crashed – ZIA UL HAQ. 
6. You took over country at gun point from a so called hijacked plane and ruled country for 9 years until you were pushed out by your own Army. Pervez Musharraf. 
1. You refused to join Zia Ul Haq cabinet. 
2. You refused to make alliance with Nawaz Sharif & Benazir on 30-40 Seats in 90s. 
3. You refused to make alliance with PML Q under desire of Gen Musharraf for 20-30 Seats. 
4. You even refused to bow down to Musharraf during his 9 years rule and even jailed by Musharraf.
5. You boycotted 2008 elections to refuse elections under Musharraf. 
6. You had narrow escape from a deadly fall on stage during your campaign.
7. You protested against rigging in 2013 elections & against corruption for 5 years on roads, streets and container. 
8. Your love marriage with Jemima failed due to your commitment towards political struggle and you lost a beautiful & faithful partner. 
9. You had to live without family & your sons due to your political struggle. 
10. You got maximum number of personal attacks on your personal affairs more than any leader in the history of Pakistan. 
11. You had to provide money trail of your earning in last 40 years and you provided money trail of every penny you earned. 
BENAZIR BHUTTO was also another example who earned to become PM of Pakistan after a political struggle of 11 years.
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