Why & How Corona will reach your house while you stay at home. A Public Service Message.By Ahmad Jawad


When I said, Corona can reach your house through vegetables, fruits & Grocery, Some understood, and some did not understand the message. Here is an explanation.

Every vegetable, fruit, grocery & courier which go through multiple hands till it reaches at your house has every likelihood that some corona infected handler might have touched & handled it at some stage in last 24 hours. Remember Corona is not banned to be found on any surface. Cardboard retains a corona for much longer period.

In our country, Vegetables & Fruits journey from farm to mandi to shop is through most unhygienic carriers & ways. Handlers of these things are most exposed to Corona every day. If corona can ever reach to your house while you stay at home, it will be through these external material reaching your house.

Solution: Keep these things lying in your porch for at least 6-8 hours. Then bring them inside while wearing gloves and mask & put them into Sink for washing with soap or detergent. Let them dry for a few hours before you put them in Fridge. Fridge is a great hideout of Corona.

Don’t forget to disinfect your car which brought home these things.

Hope this helps as a public service message.

Those who do not agree, may continue with their way of handling.

Phir Na Kehna, Dasiaya Nahi See.