A Pakistani boy arrested by FIA for his tweets


Since last night one news that’s all over twitter in Pakistan is the arrest of PTI activist Jalal Qazi. Jalal Qazihas been arrested by the Federal Investigation agency (FIA) and is being interrogated over his tweets against justice Irshad Qaiser, which is indeed very alarming.

There’s an uproar on Twitter and hashtag #JusticeForQazi is trending too.


They placed charges upon him for violating the Electronic Transaction Ordinance, of Pakistan 2002 clause no 36: Violation of Privacy of Information and 37:Damage to Information Systems.Currently Jalal Qazi has no access to his social media accounts and email ids since he had to surrender his passwords to FIA’s cyber crime wing.

The arrest hovers around the tweets he made on 22 September (tweets now deleted) where he posted content related to an engagement card of Mr Faizan Malik-who is the son-in-law of Honorable Justice Irshad Qaiser, who granted bail to Ihsan Ali the Vicechancellor of Abdul Wali Khan university who was arrested a few days ago on corruption charges. Mr Faizan Malik is also a lecturer in the University.

On 15th September,the VC of Abdul Wali Khan University Ihsan Ali, and three other were arrested by Ehtesab Commission and sent to a 14-day remand to Peshawar Central Jail for involvement in corruption of Rs 550 Million.

The case took an interesting twist when seven days later on 22nd September, Ihsan Ali was granted bail by the Honorable Justice Irshad Qaiser. It would have been a normal routine bail but investigative nature of Jalal Qazi made him dug out an engagement card possibly establishing a conflict-of-interest between the honorable judge and her to be son-in-law Faizan Malik a lecturar at Abdul Wali Khan University, and possibly undergoing the same investigation.


The on-ground reports from Peshawar is that, FIA is harassing Jalal Qazi on the possible instructions of Justice Irshad Qaiser, Ihsan Ali the bailed VC, ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz.

Arresting the boy and charging him with federal provisions is way too far-stretched. We all have the freedom of expression but it should be used very carefully and should not be used to damage the reputation of anyone.

Karma is watching… and someone might stand up and damage ours someday if we don’t think and act carefully.