By Nasim Hijazi

Today is the anniversary of Cdre(rtde) MM Alam SJ Bar. Apart from being an outstanding fighter pilot with world record of shooting max aircraft in min time( 5 a/c in 20 sec)(pardon my ignorance-poor memory), he was a man of character. His stand against the corruption of Air Chief and his wife was and is well known. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in Eternal Peace.
Being such an outstanding patriotic fighter pilot he was compulsorily retired for refusing an unlawful order.He was not afforded operational command during 1971 doubting his loyalty for being a Bihari / Bangali Origin Pakistani. On the contrary when he went to do his staff course abroad,collage faculty after a week requested their commandant to take him in collage faculty and made best best use of him. Piece time tigers always over takes battle tested soldiers due to there cunning and sycophantic approach.
It reminds me when a piece time dishonest crook was preferred over a Battle tested and highly decorated naval officer . I feel sorry that PAF has not been able to name an appropriate Air Base after him.He was indeed a symbolic war time representation of bravery and leadership .