Astola Island: Our talent and Institution never make it together just like water and fire.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ” Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at

Astola, a beautiful Island near Karachi. However, national Institutions like environment Ministry, Pakistan Navy, Maritime Security Agency, and related Provincial Institutions could never highlight the potential of Astola as a tourism or environmental value. Imagine who could highlight Astola in a beautiful way on media and Social media, he is not from any of these institutions, he is a Aeronautical engineer and passionate with environment. Till the time we don’t make institution as nursery of visions, passions and foresights, we will continue to waste and ignore resources. Astola is one such example of ignorance. The writer Abbas Ali Toor is an aeronautical engineer who has written an article on the undiscovered beauty of Astola island. He alone could explore the beauty and even spread the message with his individual vision, initiative and ability. Sparks of talent keep reminding us shallowness of our national Institutions and depth of Individuals. Alas! Our scattered talent and Institution never make it together just like water and fire.

Another one such passionate environment lover and adventurist is Commander Tariq Muneeb from Pakistan Navy who is now a familiar face due to his programs with snakes, where he is found playing with snakes. His programs have been telecasted by GEO numerous time without ever paying him.

Environment Ministry, Sindh Govt, Pakistan Navy or even media won’t be able to use his talent. He has finally quoted his passion to secure bread n butter for his family.

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