Biggest Crime of Bhutto cannot be concealed by Writer Khalid Hasan


By Ahmad Jawad

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Writer Khalid Hasan seems innocent as writer or biased enough to conceal crimes of Bhutto, when he is unable to find similarity between actual statement of Bhutto made in a speech and reported statement of Bhutto in a newspaper. Reference. Khalid Hasan book”Did Bhutto break up Pakistan?

Excerpt from Khalid Hasan Book:

A charge against Bhutto that does not go away is that had he not declared at a Nishtar Park Karachi public meeting, addressing Mujibur Rehman, “Uddhar tum, iddhar hum.” (You stay there, we stay here), Pakistan would have remained united. These words are said to have set the seal on Pakistan’s dismemberment. The truth is that these words were never said by Bhutto. It was Abbas Athar, news editor of the Lahore Urdu daily Azad, who ran the Bhutto speech under this brilliant though misleading headline.

What Bhutto had said was, “If power is to be transferred to the people before a constitutional settlement, then it is only fair that in East Pakistan, it should go to the Awami League and in the West to the Pakistan People’s Party, because while the former is the majority party in that wing, we have been returned by the people of this side.”

East Pakistan, there is no question, was in a state of revolt, especially after Bhutto’s Lahore speech at Iqbal Park where he had announced his boycott of the March 25 National Assembly session unless certain conditions were met by the Awami League or the martial law government of Yahya.


Imagine if today after a general elections, PPP refuses to accept PMLN majority in National Assembly and announce power be transferred only to PPP in Sindh and to PMLN in Punjab and refuse to accept PMLN majority at National Assembly and endorse its stance by boycotting National Assembly Session meant to elect and allow majority PMLN to assume power as Federal Govt? Is it not not tantamount to  “Idhar Hum, Udhar Tum”. This is what exactly Bhutto did. There is no need to defend this greatest crime of Bhutto. Had he accepted majority of Mujeeb ur Rehman, Pakistan would have been a united Pakistan today. Yayha Khan is equally responsible to have supported Bhutto.

After Fall of Berlin Wall, After almost a decade Angela Merkel from East Germany became Chancellor of Germany just because there was no Bhutto in West Germany to refuse an East German to become Chancellor and there was no Yayha Khan to help such a Bhutto.