Can SADQA help PIA?


By Ahmad Jawad

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I wonder how world’S best airlines are running without SADQA. I think SADQA like many other Islamic teaching is another victim of misinterpretation. In my limited knowledge, SADQA is definitely meant to prevent dangers & threats. Is SADQA also meant to replace desired Safety and Quality standards? And fly safely. For example, if brakes of my car are not working, should I rectify my brakes or I should slaughter a Black Goat(Bakra) in the name of SADQA that I should remain safe in my next car travel. PIA problems are similar to failed brakes of Car which are bad governance, corruption, out of merit appointments, political interference and a culture of not following safety standards. I am sure Islamic teaching can never advise us to offer SADQA to compensate for our negligence and incompetence. Allah has made universal law ” God help those, who help themselves”. SADQA should help once we have done our job honestly then any unforeseen threat or danger can be prevented by SADQA