Widow of a Shaheed

With a high grade fever, running nose and some hidden uneasiness, I waved for the one last time to Asim, who was going back...

Merit is the basis of evolving a Great Nation

Sword of honour winner with President & Chief of Army Staff. His father is a serving Subedar in Pakistan Army. Beauty of institution is to...

Vital defense needs

The United States has awarded a contract for the manufacture of nine combat helicopters for Pakistan. The combat helicopters will be delivered to Pakistan under...

A tale of bravery

On 30/31 Mar,  Lt Col Saqib Mirza of KP FC conducted a successful operation in Village Nawal (Razmak) SWA, against hardcore criminal of Shaheryar...

Pakistan Air Chief Marshal flies F-16

Pakistan Air Chief Marshal flies F-16 on 23 March Pakistan Day parade 2015.

Cambrian Patrol

Dedicated to Asma Jahangir and Mehmood Achakzai.

Pakistan is the new target