Confusion leads more confusion

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Confusion leads more confusion. Short public memory of Pakistanis is the only hope to remove the tails of Sharifs wealth. Ahmad Jawad

Gulf Steel Dubai was in debt in early eighties.
BCCI people working at that time know that Sharif family sold the factory to partially settle their debts with BCCI and may be other banks.
BCCI filed a case against the company, Mian Mohammad Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif to recover the balance of loan.
Because of default in payment of amount decreed by court (about AED 6.5M) in favor of BCCI, arrest warrants were issued against older Sharif & Shahbaz.
With the help of Aijaz ul Haq, who at that time worked for BOA Bahrain the loan was written off by BCCI and at the request of Mian Sharif to Zia ul Haq, Nawaz Sharif was made finance minister of Punjab.
Nawaz Sharif’s claim that he sold Gulf Steel to buy flats in London is wrong.
It is a pack of lies.