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Beyond the Horizon
whatsapp contact: +92-300-8506672

About us

  • World’s first smart thinking tank.
  • A campaign of common man to stretch his vision, thoughts and ideas beyond the range of perception.
  • Beyond the Horizon is monopoly breaker of perceptions built by traditional groups or selected agents of influence.
  • Beyond the Horizon is a journey of common man in search of vision, clarity, truth, values & awareness.
  • Beyond the Horizon is by the common man, of the common man & for the common man through the sheer force of social media & public opinion.

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زندگی سمندر کی طرح گہری ہے اُن کیلئے جو گہرائ تک...

زندگی ایک کنواےکی طرح محدود ہے اُن کیلئے جو انسان سے مینڈک بن گئے اور ٹر ٹر کرتے زندگی گزار دی۔
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