Discussion is not Who Goes & Who Stays in Next Two Months Time.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ” Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/

Biggest question is not debate over Nawaz Sharif or Raheel Sharif stays or goes after November, biggest question is that Panama leaks is a critical opportunity in our history  for Pakistanis to decide whether we accept corruption of rulers or reject it. The choice may happen in two ways: one through course of Justice & Second through street power. One of the two options will happen very soon. Pakistanis seem to be in right mood to challenge corruption, thanks to Imran Khan who has once again proved his charisma & his undying desire to crush corruption in Pakistan.  Imran Khan has nothing to lose out of this situation but gain tremendously. Even opposition( PPP, Qadri, PMLQ) is realising being left high n dry. They thought Imran Khan is left alone at Raiwind & all political parties left him. They proved wrong, Instead, all opposition parties were left alone & Imran Khan was standing stronger with the power of public. It was revival of Imran Khan. He is back & this time he is more dangerous than ever. Opposition parties would love to join him unless they want to commit suicide like Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif can lose all or loss partially depending upon his choice of options & his rarely used wisdom or absence of wisdom. Pakistan will surely gain in all this scenario. China will also gain out of this situation. USA & India have already lost a lot  in Pakistan, their loss will continue.