Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.


By Mahmood ur Rehman

I wanted to write about it earlier, but delayed it for few reasons….

We all know that PPP and PML-N are two large parties but are also extremely corrupt indeed, from top to bottom….Their leadership in shape of Zardaris and sharifs broke all previous records of looting this hapless nation……The sharifs had the honour to not only surpass Zardari, but also outshine, outclass and outmaneuver him in all spheres of corruption…..In fact Zardari looked a dwarf in this game…..

But there are a few patriotic and people with conscience in these parties……..They can’t object or speak because of the obvious reasons…..The latest amendments in the constitution gave the party leaders draconian powers and virtually made them tyrant dictators……What is the choice left for those in these two corrupt parties, who don’t want to toe the lines of these morons heading these political garbage dumps…….They have to quit, and join something which is much cleaner than these two parties….. Hence PTI became an obvious choice for those who still had a conscience alive and kicking…..So we see a swamp fleeing PPP and soon the PML-N will follow the suit….Let us not forget that ” Every saint has a past and every devil has a future”…

As was said by famous ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius,” The morale and honesty flows from the top” and likewise it is for the dishonesty….Here we see that MNS steals 100 billions, so Munshi Ishaq dar endeavours to steal about 80 billions, his deputy might get 50 B and the guy starting a project may pocket 10 or 15 billions……This won’t end, and everyone in the organization fills his belly….we have amply seen this by every MNA and MPA robbing the exchequers in a cascading order in each and every project,,,,,,,But if the man up-top is honest, then it becomes tough for guys down the line to do corruption…….This is the main strength of PTI and Khan saab……at least its’ top leadership is not corrupt like that of PML-N and PPP……

I also agree that some of these joining PTI might not have a very clean past….But then there is always the ‘door of Toba’ open if one really repents on his or her past and commits to continue with clean politics…….The patwaris and Jiyalas calling these guys as “Lotas” or the turncoats is simply ridiculous, rather absurd……A lota is the one who quits his party and joins the ruling junta for the purpose of monitory benefits……An example is those of more than 300 MNAsMPAs of the PML-n who were part of PML-Q and the Mush govt but changed their loyalties when PML-N came in power…….Not to forget the likes of Danial Aziz, Talal chaudhry, Ameer muqam, Marvi memon, shiekh waqas and so many others…..classic turncoats, since if somehow Natyan Yahu of Israel comes to Pakistan and takes over the govt, these chaps will be the 1st one to jump on the bandwagon telling the Jew leader,”Sir ji, assee te aslun te naslun yahoodi aan, thanks for coming and rescuing us”……such is their character….

My word of caution for Imran khan sahib and the PTI walas…… be careful and watch these guys closely….don’t get into the trap again, which was so cleverly laid by your opponents in the shape of Javed Hashmi….and also don’t forget your original corps of the comrades who had stood-by with you through the thick and thin……..It is just a matter of time, when the existing ruling parties will fall apart, because of these mega corruptions and their very fabric shall be torn apart……PPP has played havoc with Sindh where a common Sindhi has to live in hell, the condition of Punjab minus Lahore is also not appreciable……so there is a general hatred for these parties amongst the masses…

Therefore Khan saab, just relax and have your fingers crossed…. Though the JIT might not produce desired results owing to infiltration of the patwaris in all fields by the PML-N, yet still there is a supreme body up-top which controls the fate of all of us…….who knows that these pharaohs of today might be dragged the same way in the streets of Pakistan…..