Falling Leadership of a Falling Country?


By Ahmad Jawad

Just a point of view which can be disagreed. 

Each one of us may fall sick & look fragile. I just want to ponder, is it necessary for a very fragile & weak person to continue the office of Prime Minister of a country which is surrounded by challenges & threats all around? Is an individual more important than our country? A Pakistani needs to see his leadership hale & hearty with a body language that conveys determination, Faith, zeal, passion & courage. Nation is not supposed to pity a leader. On the sidelines, In my opinion, this picture is not a good idea by media advisers of Nawaz Sharif for one simple reason: Nation looks up to a leader not looks down on a leader with pity & sympathy. I remember Imran Khan after falling from stage in 2013 still looked like a fighter from his bed and still calling his supporters for a tough fight in elections. Keeping in view of low spirits of Nawaz Sharif even when healthy, his media advisers should hide him from public till he recovers rather than posing fragile leadership of a fragile country unless the aim is to gain sympathy & pity. I also recall Saddam before hanging still could leave behind an image of courage. I still could see courage in shaking body of Mohammad Ali. I can recall Bhutto able to put up a courageous face while fighting against death sentence. I can recall the courage of Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King behind bars.