Foreign policy in the hands of those who hold serious conflict of interest

Courtesy: Social Media


Raja Zahoor ul Hassan, Advocate has filed a petition at IHC against appointment of Tariq Fatemi as Special Advisor to PM on foreign affairs. Stated that foreign affairs are not being run according to constitution because position of Special Assistance to the PM is not a constitutional office and does not require the holder thereof to take oath so he does not possess the executive authority as he is not a part of official bureaucracy. Added that Tariq Fatemi should sit in PM house to assist PM but he has imposed himself on MOFA. Further stated that Tariq Fatemi paid certain visits to USA to strengthen bilateral ties but he was failed. Moreover stated that Tariq Fatemi misused his position for  benefiting different people including his wife, who is running an NGO. Stated that Tariq Fatemi is also director of said NGO which is conflict of interest. Prayed that govt may be directed to withdraw notification regarding appointment of Tariq Fatemi as Special Advisor to PM and NAB/FIA may be directed to investigate the conflict of interests. Secretary MOFA, Secretary Cabinet Division and Tariq Fatemi are respondents.