Game of Democracy


By Ahmad Jawad

Most Profitable Movie “Game of Democracy” by WollyWood.

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“Game of Democracy” is a most successful Series which is produced by WollyWood (Washington DC), it is written by CIA, it is sponsored by United Nations, It is played with real blood, real ammunition, real audience, real tragedies. Film budget is to the tune of Billions of dollars but profit for producers is in trillions of dollar. Film is previewed for local audience on real local locations. Local audience throng to real viewing of film & participate on sets with fast auditions. Audience failing auditions either die or take the bodies of their real ones. Audience clap, cry, weep & laugh all together. After first successful Season of “Game of Democracy” in Iraq, Season 2 was made in Afghanistan, Season 3 was in Egypt, Season 4 was in Libya. Season 5 failed to complete in Syria due to sabotage by competitors. Season 6 was long planned in Pakistan. Season 6 in Pakistan was near completion when unexpected & unusual interference by a non democratic element Raheel Sharif spoiled & destroyed the major production work. Season 6 was most exciting & was heavily sponsored by India & Israel. Keeping in view past successes, investors invested heavily & now they are questioning the Producers for safe return of investment with dividends. Producers have taken time till December as non democratic element are expected to leave from the Sets of Film soon. Media Partners have assured full support to the renewal of Season 6 & it’s success.

Barack-Obama-Game-Of-Thrones Local audience is expected to throng to Season 6 due to addiction with the word “Democracy”.

Game of Democracy broke all records of “Game of Thrones”, though both series have a lot in common, yet they belong to two different Production Houses.

George Bush & Tony Blair received best actor & best supporting actor award respectively in the past for their best performance in previous season.

Market anxiously looking forward to release of Season 6. Keep your fingers crossed.