Ghazi of Siachen 1987 – Lt Col (R) Zafar Abbasi


By Lt Col (R) Zafar Abbasi

It was 1987 when I volunteered for a Special Ops in Siachen, against the Indian Army. I was preferred over the SSG Commandos, seeing my passion & commitment. What happened there, most of you are already aware of that. If you have not got it yet, let me share this with you – I am the Real life Captain Kashif of Alpha Bravo Charlie. Capt. Abdullah (Capt Kashif of ABC) played my role in that play.
Despite the loss of my upper & lower limbs, I continued my service and i got retirement when I was Lt.Col.
I can do all of my own work by my own. I can walk, eat, pray, and even drive with my artificial legs and hands.
“I Can even fight again. First time i offered my limbs for motherland, now I have soul, can offer this too for my motherland. The oath to defend this motherland, which I took before wearing Khaki Uniform is not over with the retirement, that would remain with me till the last moment of my life.