History of 1971 – Only Weak nations carry history of exploitation. Strong nations carry history of Survival against tough odds.


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ” Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/

Only weak nations have a history of exploitation by other nations. Yes we must recognise our enemy but that’s not enough, we must be prepared to face such enemy especially after one bitter & bloody experience in 1971. Why CIA failed in Turkey? Why CIA failed in Syria? Why Indian Army failed against Chinese Army? Weak nations lose the right to exist, strong nations decide who to exist and who to perish? Leaders like Putin, Mahathir, Fidel Castro, Erdogan teach us the lesson of survival. Our present state of affairs might lead us to more disasters. CEPEC is no guarantee to our survival, CEPEC will survive even if Pakistan is broken into 4 pieces because of economic reasons. India has started blocking water from Chenab. Only one drought can make the country to fall like autumn leaves. Our threats are grave, our national strength is fragile, it is just one strong storm which can  sweep us. Indian plan against Pakistan is not just depending on a 3 years choice of an Army Chief, it depends on a strong leader like Modi who is not a Pakistani Chai wala, he is a real Chai wala who progressed through corridors of power with his own struggle not lifted by an Army General.

Indian Plan depends on a strong political party with its roots in public, it’s not a one province party.

Indian Plan depends on RAW which is not run by a two year term of an Army General with no past experience of Intelligence or regional intelligence dynamics, RAW is run by indigenous patriotic and hard core spy.

Indian National Security Adviser is not a retired Army General who gets such job as a bonus of retirement, Indian National Security Adviser is a hard core Intelligence Strategist with entire career working on regional Intelligence dynamics.

Indian PM is not investing all his and his cabinet energies to save himself from Panama Leaks. Indian PM is not focussing on political career of his children. Indian PM is pursuing Indian agenda day and night.

Indian Judiciary is not result of a flawed selection system of choices made under installing personal servants in the form of Judges to serve masters and not public.

Indian PM can take tough & unpopular decision to discard higher currency notes within hours to hit the black market. Our Zardari gave us the gift of 5000 currency note to reduce the size of bulk black money  to allow easy stuffing into small brief cases. Nobody in our country ever spoke on the logic of 5000 currency note.

We don’t have any single Pakistani policy, we have Sharif policy, we have Army Chief policy, we have provincial policy, we have Zardari policy, we have Bahria Town policy, we have Mansha Policy, we have rangers policy, we have judiciary policy. All individual policies are conflicting with each other. There is never a win for Pakistan, it’s a Sharif win, it’s a rangers win, it’s a Zardari win, it’s a Judges win, it’s a Army win, it’s a real estate win.

We are happy to assume that we have survived for 70 years, and hope we will survive longer. Is it a survival? How long this fragile survival will last?