Immigration Guidance for USA


By Farrukh Dall

Pakistanis are the second fastest growing community in the U.S now. In 2015, the U.S Embassy issued 70, 000 multiple-entry 5 year visas to Pakistanis.

Pakistani Americans have made many contributions to the United States in many fields, such as science, politics, military, sports, philanthropy, business and economy.
An increasing number of Pakistani Americans work in the medical field. There are more than 15,000 doctors practicing medicine in America who are of Pakistani descent. Pakistan is the fourth highest source of IMG doctors in the U.S and they are chiefly concentrated in New York, California, Florida, New Jersey and Illinois.

Pakistan is also the fourth highest source of foreign dentists licensed in the United States.

This article of mine explores Assylum, one of the legal ways to get green card in the U.S and the law, procedure and scope of asylum for Pakistanis in the U.S

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