Jagday Rehna…Saday Tay Na Rehna



Some Journalist whether an anchor on TV Channel or a columnist in a newspaper starts his/her journey with a flashlight in his hand & creating awareness among public on good or bad. He appears passionate, he appears torch bearer, he appears whistle blower and public listens to him, admires him and follow him. Just at this level of trust between Journalist & Public, a deal changes everything; Torch bearer switch off his torch, his whistle stops blowing, his trust with public is breached, he is now MD PTV, he is now Chairman PEMRA, he is now MD PCB, he is now chairman PTV, he is now Ambassador, he is now Adviser. At this point, Journey of journalist reaches to its logical & successful end. Public waits & starts following another journalist. Comedy of awareness reaches to comedy of power & authority. Comedy of followers completes one circle & starts another circle. Some journalist have even shorter journey, they settle down with one flight experience with Prime Minister. Such journalist is content with lesser, and lends his voice by the time aircraft lands on runway. A voice comes from somewhere ” Jagday Rehna, Saday Tay Na Rehna”. We hear this voice & go.


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