May Allah mercy on us but we will not mercy on ourselves.


By Ahmad Jawad

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IRSA says ” Country will reach dead level of Dams if no reasonable rains come by February, but we are hopeful that this appalling situation will not emerge as Allah Almighty will certainly take mercy on us and send necessary rains”

This is Pakistan. Our destruction lies in just one drought of 6 months. If it happens, there will be no agriculture, no farming, no water table, no cleaning water, no fresh water and no drinking water. Imagine we don’t have water to flush solid waste in a house? Imagine no water for our cattle? Imagine no vegetables? Imagine “Thar”like situation in the whole country. What if one season, Allah mercy is delayed? Did Allah stop us from making water reserves? Did Allah stop us from preparation for any drought like situation? Where is water managment plan? Where is our national strategy on Water? Where is water conservation plan? Do we save water in our culture? Do we have water recycling projects? Do we have sufficient Reverse Osmosis projects in the coastal belt? If answer of all these questions is “No”: Then, Yes Allah’s mercy is our only survival. May this mercy happen every year till we wake up to make dams.

Make Your Own Judgment.

Reference article: Tarbela, Mangla to reach dead level in February