Chaudhry Nisar only Pakistani Political Leader to Respond to Trump Insults on Pakistan

Pak courts, not Trump, to decide fate of Shakeel Afridi: Nisar


Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that Shakeel Afridi’s fate will be decided by the Pakistani courts and the Government of Pakistan.

While reacting to Donald Trump’s interview on Fox News, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the president of the United States, the minister for interior said here on Monday, “Shakeel Afridi is a Pakistani citizen and nobody else has the right to dictate us about his future.” The interior minister said Donald Trump, even if he became the president of the United States, could not dictate to Pakistan.

Ch Nisar said that it was not only about Shakeel Afridi but Donald Trump’s perception and the comments about Pakistan in his interview were highly misplaced and unwarranted.He said that contrary to Donald Trump’s misconception, Pakistan is not a colony of the United States. He should learn to treat sovereign countries with respect. “Donald Trump also seems to be ignorant, historically, of the huge sacrifices Pakistan and its people have rendered while standing with or supporting the US policies over the years,” he said.

“The peanuts that US have given us in return should not be used to threaten or browbeat us into following Mr Trump’s misguided vision of foreign policy,” he said.The minister said, “Pakistan is a country which has suffered much and the cost it had to pay in supporting the US over the years has been mindboggling.”He said that Mr Trump’s statement only served to show not only his insensitivity but also his ignorance about Pakistan.