An open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan

Courtesy: Social Media


9th April 2016.

Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mohtarem Anwar Zaheer Jamali saheb

Assalaam Alaykum from a deeply concerned citizen of Pakistan, perhaps voicing the pain and anguish of millions of helpless Pakistanis.

Helpless, because our Prime Minister, has hijacked all instruments of state, it’s administrative machinery, it’s law enforcement agencies, it’s lower judiciary, all its state run institutions and most sadly, it’s parliamentary bodies.

Except for the Pakistan Army and perhaps the Supreme Court, everything and everybody of consequence is under the thumb of the Prime Minister and his cronies, both in and out of government. I have used the word “perhaps” for the Supreme Court, because the deathly silence from your quarter is both unnerving and scary.

Hence, we the people of Pakistan are not sure where you and your Honourable court stand on this issue of daylight robbery, conflict of interest, blatant corruption and brazen and arrogant misuse of power, privilege and authority vested in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the poor, hapless and If I may say, servile and spineless people of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan look askance at you and your court for justice and fairplay and to put into motion, transparent investigation, by professionals of unimpeachable integrity and technical competence in white collar crime investigation into the charges against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter, Maryam Safdar who has now changed her name back to Maryam Nawaz Sharif, and two of his sons Hassan Nawaz Sharif and Hussain Nawaz Sharif, and others such as Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, for the following charges as brought to light by the Panama Leaks.

1. Money laundering.
2. Tax evasion.
3. Lying on record.
4. Illegal transfer of funds outside Pakistan
5. Acquiring public office by misstatements of facts about their assets.
6. Misusing public trust and using his authority as Prime Minister to acquire assets and business projects in a brazen did play of conflict of interest and promote his personal business interests and acquire wealth through illegal means.
7. All others associated with the above crimes, especially Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Mian Mohammed Mansha, owner of MCB Bank of Pakistan.

We the people of Pakistan request you Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan to kindly establish a commission of legal experts, criminal and forensic investigators, through suo moto action tasked with ascertaining all details about the information made public by the Panama Leaks.

If you sir, fail to act now, and only pontificate in your speeches etc about the ills of corruption, nepotism and terrible misgovernance that have befallen this incredibly wretched nation, then you Sir, are as guilty, if not more, through your silence, inaction and obvious act of omission, of being a part of this rot, as this person who styles himself as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

This person Nawaz Sharif has tainted the office of the Prime Minister to such an extent that today it stands for and symbolises nothing but unbridled greed, never ending corruption, abject and deliberate misgovernance, gross misuse of authority and total failure in protecting the public trust entrusted to the incumbent.

If you do not Sir, then we the people of Pakistan will then turn to the only other institution which has fortunately saved itself from the Prime Minster’s dirty hands and clutches. The Pakistan Army.

We will openly request Gen. Raheel Sharif to step in and investigate and throw out these knaves, crooks, criminals who have looted this hapless country in the name of Allah and Democracy and Public Good.

This intervention Sir, while not advisable will be inevitable and certainly not in the long term best interests of Pakistan. Unless of course Gen. Raheel Sharif does not take over but seek advice from you and your Honourable court to initiate and implement wide-ranging electoral and governance reforms to stop people like Nawaz Sharif and his like from ever coming into power and betraying the sacred public trust they were entrusted with and to prosecute and punish without fear or favour all those responsible for looting thus country including Asif Zardari and company.

Honourable Chief Justice the Nation looks askance and expectantly towards you and your august court for justice.

Please do not fail us!

For evidence, the show by Arshad Sharif of ARY, appended below, pretty much says it all.

Yours Sincerely
On behalf of the good and helpless people of Pakistan.