Our Way Forward is No Way Forward … Ahmad Jawad


No nation has been more embarrassed than Japanese and Germans for their role in Second World War, through global institutions, movies and documentaries all over the world.

Interestingly both nations became few of the greatest nations in the world under the same embarrassing history.

On the contrary, nations which hide their defeats, embarrassment, failures, are never able to learn because they block their way of learning by concealing history.

We are a strange country which even tries to search glory out of the ashes of 1971.

No doubt, Ayub Khan laid the foundation of a system which became termite to the very foundation of this country.

We could not get rid of political culture and system introduced by Ayub Khan even today.


Ayub Khan did not stop Imran Khan from not performing, did not stop PPP to choose a democratic leader after Benazir.

Why correct history was not taught under the rule of various political parties in last 50 years because most of them were product of same rotten system of Ayub Khan.

Our way forward is no way forward. Imran Khan wasted the best opportunity of this nation in last 60 years or so. Same system established by Ayub Khan got a new lease of life with the failure of Imran Khan.

PMLN or PPP or PTI or establishment will not be able to govern the country until six major changes:

  1. Abolish current system of judiciary and civil services and introduce a completely new system.
  2. Introduce election reforms not to the advantage of a ruling party but to make the elections transparent.
  3. Reduce our Defense budget to half and initiate peaceful resolution of all disputes like China. Nuclear bomb will be our Defense and deterrent.
  4. Land reforms not allowing any person in Pakistan to own more than 50 Acres of land.
  5. Tax reforms to expand tax base instead of further squeezing the genuine tax payers.
  6. Police reforms to abolish the existing system. Double the budget of Police under a new system.
  7. Declare Education & Health emergency to provide equal opportunities of health and education from Prime Minister to poorest man on the street.

A solution which can be implemented in 6 months, does not need even 3-1/2 years. Reason is simple: A hunter will never ban hunting

Ahmad Jawad