People are wiser than our generation


As a journalist, you must prove at least a few who are paid dirt? Journalism is not judgment but analytics with facts, figures and evaluations. First you shoot in the air about some paid dirt, then you want them to be smacked down, is journalism for you is shooting in the air? Try to be an investigative journalist once in life, if you really want to expose some paid dirt. Would you mind educating, what exactly you mean by smack down? Do you mind identifying this word in constitution or any book of law. In a civilised society, nobody is allowed to smack down. People are charged with a crime under the law, same has to be proved in the court of justice and then comes down the penalising. Your words reflect your desperation to destroy the opposite opinion with force so that you can be heard alone. VLOGGER with a few months of social media exposure have far more reach than your 20 years of journalism. WHY? because people want to hear truth, people don’t want to listen to compromised journalism. People are wiser than our generation. Anything insulting or abusive should be dealt with law of the land and not to the wishes of a person who considers others as paid dirt and wants to smack down. Digital world has new set of rules and they are about exposing injustice, lies, hypocrisy, corruption. No honest and upright person will ever be bothered by digital media.