Probing eyes of three children. Few hard questions?


By Ahmad Jawad

We all have grown up in a Pakistan with numerous painful & shocking incidents from APS to Khadija to Zainab & likes of them in last 48 years and last 30 years in particular. But yesterday image of 2 small girls & their brother lost & shocked after their parents got killed in Sahiwal,was most shocking.I felt their eyes were probing few questions from rulers;Past & Present & this nation.

All institutions particularly Police have been destroyed under the rules of Yayha, Bhutto, Zia Ul Haq, Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf, Zardari & Chaudries of Gujrat. Entire system has collapsed. We are not safe, we might die with a poisoned food from a restaurant, we might die with a stray bullet, we might die under a blasphemous allegation, we might die due to a medical disaster at the hands of a doctor, we might be run over by a drunk son of nouveau riche in a Land cruiser, we might die in a bomb explosion, we might die by drinking unsafe water, we might die while struggling at the courts while seeking justice for decades, we might die at the stairs of CDA & LDA with a heart attack after failing to get a legitimate decision, we might die at the hands of a kidnapper, we might die at the hands of anger of somebody.

If we still lived, we will have a slow death while breathing in one of the most polluted cities of world.

We mourn deaths of Kashmiris every day and have kept our national security policy keeping Kashmir as main focus. We lost 100,000 people within our borders & not outside borders which means our national security is compromised.

Our bureaucracy, addicted monsters of power & authority, manipulate every government whether military or civil & turn them into a dark tunnel which will never see light.

Our judiciary, corrupt & incompetent, selected through a process of nepotism & vested interests, is stabbing the very fabric of this society in broad day light.

Our politicians, bred through selfish opportunities & personal greeds, swing to the tunes of changing ring masters.

What is left? is a poor nation minus elites. Our system has collapsed, parliamentary democracy has failed, our security policy has failed, we need a major surgical operation to cure the cancer. Imran Khan, Chief Justice, Chief of Army Staff should form a 3 member National Council to carry out a surgical operation of entire system. If these three join hands, nobody in this world can manipulate Pakistan, else cycle of national development will continue to be breeched. We tried Marshall Law, we tried parliamentary system, we tried semi Marshal law, we tried imported rulers, we tried blacksmith-men, we tried Cinema ticket seller, we tried Gujrati blackmailing, we tried judicial activism, everything failed in Pakistan.

I request to Prime Minister, Chief Justice Supreme Court & Army Chief to form a three member Counsil to review the entire national system for common man & not for the slogan of political party, not for glory of Army & not for the ego of Judiciary. We must admit the power of three pillars & their asynchronous & asymmetric past relationship, three pillars must unite for a single cause of merit & justice, everything will follow. Send all corrupt whether in Army, Judiciary, government or bureaucracy in a junkyard, from where, they never return.

If you disagree, yes choice of talk shows, soap opera of dreams & opportunities through News, venting your anger through social media & building individual walls of safety, security & harmony, are always open.

Make a choice, nations are competing, growing, availing opportunities, beating weaker nations very fast.Tide & time wait for none. I will also not wait, I will avail “Malaysia My Second Home” for safety, security, health, prosperity & to breathe in a fresh air for my children, though it’s a selfish choice. We had selfless leaders like Quaid Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan, Abdul Sattar Edhi and the last one is Imran Khan. We must not let Imran Khan fail. We may not get another opportunity. Weak people like me & who can afford might leave this country amid chaos.