‘Public Grievances Redressal Committee’ constituted


Body to stop illegal land grabbing and China cutting in capital

‘Public Grievances Redressal Committee’ formed to stop illegal land grabbing, and China cutting in capital city on the direction of Minister for Interior.

Administration of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) evolved comprehensive plan of action, strategy to take preventive measures against the land grabbers and China cutting.

In this regard the administration constituted a ‘Public Grievance Redressal Committee’ on the direction of Minister for Interior Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan to resolve the issue of general public regarding un-authorised/illegal occupation on their land in Islamabad.

The Committee consists of the Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) ICT, Assistant Commissioner, ICT, Superintendent of Police (Rural), Tehsildar Islamabad, SHO concerned area. The committee will directly submit weekly report to the District Magistrate, ICT, Islamabad.

The committee formed in the light of different complaints by public against the people who are involved in illegal land grabbing and China cutting in Islamabad.

The administration of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) completed the future plan of action to start the operation against the people who are involved in illegal and unlawful activities.

The committee to resolve the issues of general public regarding un-authorised and illegal occupation of their land in Islamabad. In this regards the application by the general public will be addressed to DC/ADCR.

It is pertinent to mentioned that the improvement observed in the revenue department in the last six months, where the pendency of mutation has been decreased from 6,148 to 2,909 due to strict directions of Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) to the Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar.

In the last eight months, periodical records of 14 Muzas were consigned on the directions of District Collector Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue). Tehsil Ahzri also was cut from seven days to four days at the start of every month in general public interest.

Revenue officers have been directed to make sure the attendance of patwaris in their offices. The Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) also carried out surprise visits of the Revenue Centres, Bhara Kahu, Tarlai, Sihala and Golra.

On the direction of Deputy Commissioner, ICT, Assistant Commissioner and Magistrate have also been directed to carry out visit to Patwar circles/Revenue centres to ensure presence of Patwaris.

Patwaris have been suspended due to absence from their offices and on various other complaints received by Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) regarding fraudulent entry of mutation or not maintaining the revenue record properly.

Both revenue centres of Bhara Kahu and Tarlai have been renovated, where facilities like sitting areas for ladies, washrooms, water coolers etc have been provided to the general public.

In past it was a practice in registration branches that Parcha registry was never sent to the Patwaris for entry of mutations on the basis of registered sale deeds.

Now Parcha registry is being sent to every Patwari by office of Kanungo and then mutations are entered as per the registered sale deed. It has facilitated the general public to a great extent.

All the sub-registrars have been directed to remain in the Tehsil Office for the registration work. If any sub-registrar is on any other official duty, then the other sub-registrar should be available. Furthermore the revenue officers have also been directed that at least one revenue officer should be available in the revenue centre Tarlai and Bhara Kahu.