Raheel Sharif a short breeze of hope or a constant wind of patriotism & national theme?


CPEC: India, USA & Israel has already mastered the art of 4th generation warfare. Terrorist outfits like Taliban, ISIS, Daesh and ethnic divides in Afghanistan Syria, Iraq, Lybia are the tools of 4th generation warfare. Everything was going according to plan till Raheel Sharif arrived on scene. Raheel Sharif arrival was neither calculated nor expected. Everything had a price in Pakistan till Raheel Sharif broke the trend. Creators of 4th generation warfare are now frustrated and attempting desperate measures. Their second option is to wait for retirement of Raheel Sharif. Question is whether Raheel Sharif will prove as a one odd example or Raheel Sharif will leave behind a trend which will not be an individual name rather a system which will continue as a nightmare for creators and sponsors of 4th Generation warfare. CPEC is a battle of Pakistan against 4th generation warfare. We must win this warfare through 5th Generation warfare. Ahmad Jawad